Alisa Bolotnikova

Moscow Ballet Soloist Alisa Bolotnikova in Arabian NightsNUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet Audition Director and Soloist Alisa Bolotnikova

Alisa Bolotnikova premiered as a Soloist with NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet in 2016 and is an Audition Director in the “Dance with Us” program working with over 3,000 American ballet students annually. When not on tour, Alisa teaches ballet, choreography, gymnastics, and rhythmic gymnastics. Alisa also teaches students at the Kharkov Ballet College, some of which have been accepted in the Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theatre. 

Alisa auditioned and was accepted at the Kharkov Children's Music, Ballet and Choreographic School at 5 years old, and just six months later was on stage as a Little Star. Delighted with her costume, Alisa decided then that ballet and the stage were her life! She graduated from Kharkov University as a professional ballerina and teacher of choreography. Recently Alisa also earned a Teacher of Choreography degree from Kherson National University and graduated from Kharkov State Academy of Culture, with a Masters of Choreography. In addition to performing, Alisa is a Ballet Teacher for children 4 to 6 years old teaching choreography, gymnastics, and rhythmic gymnastics for child athletes. She also works at the Kharkov Ballet College teaching students to become professional dancers, some of whom have been accepted in the Kharkov Opera. Alisa and Yuriy Kuzo lead the annual NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet Summer Intensives in the US.

Upon graduating from the National Ballet and Theatre Academy in Kharkov, Alisa was invited to join the Kharkov National Opera and Ballet Theatre performing as a classical ballerina in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria, Japan, China, and Mexico. Some of her favorite roles are as Scheherazade in Arabian Nights, Gypsy Zhelobinsky in Don Quixote, and Mother in the ballet Isadora Duncan. Alisa has a passion for performing traditional folk dances such as the Spanish “Gypsy” and Russian folk styles. Alisa has performed as a folk dancer in Bulgaria and as a Modern dancer in Japan.