Press Quotes about Education

Dance with Us

Mary Giannone Talmi’s choreography for the [Dance with Us] children worked well to blend the local dancers in with the principals seamlessly... Moscow Ballet’s mission is to “provide art enrichment for the local communities in which it performs” and they succeed in that mission. The Company does a truly amazing thing by reaching out to local studios and allowing the local talent to have a once in a life-time opportunity to perform for their families, in this international Christmas classic.” Bethesda DC Metro and Theatre Arts by Kendall Mostafavi, 2015

“Young dancers from around the Metroplex look forward to this event every year as a chance to perform alongside international dancers. This year 91 students from 21 studios graced the stage performing roles from party guest to mice and more.” Dallas Theatre Jones by Cheryl Callon, 2015

[Dance with Us] Student dancers...were front and center and integrated seamlessly within the’s impressive how integral they were to the overall feel of the narrative.” Santa Rosa Community Voice by Kayla Webster, 2015

“The true highlight of the night was seeing all the Calgary children who successfully auditioned to dance as mice, snowflakes and assorted minor colourful characters. They were truly adorable, and should be congratulated for their very skilled and enthusiastic participation. It really brought the idea home that the Great Russian Nutcracker is a wonderful chance for children to be in a full-length production and experience first-hand an authentic Classical ballet from this uniquely Russian company of remarkable performers.” Calgary, Calgary Herald, Stephan Bonfield, 2014  

“The inclusion of…local children in the ballet as part of Moscow Ballet's "Dance with Us" program was a once-ina-lifetime experience for those dancers,” Cleveland, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Steve Sucato, 2014    

“New this year is a breathtaking prop called the Dove of Peace, a bird with wings that span over six metres. [Two] dancers take up the wings during an adagio in Act Two, soaring and dipping across the scenery. These magical touches make this a thrilling experience for the student dancers, says [Moscow Ballet Audition Director and soloist] Natalia Miroshynk, And it’s also a great opportunity for them to get up close and personal with the principals and soloists.” Barbara Woolsey, Regina Herald, Regina Canada, 2013    

“In addition to featuring local youth dancers as mice and snowflake roles, this acclaimed version of the perennial ballet from Russia includes some special touches…one highlight occurs when two dancers become one as The Dove of Peace, a "bird" with a 20-foot wingspan, in a prayer for world peace.” Chicago Tribune, Chicago IL, 2013

Musical Wunderkind

“Moscow Ballet’s “Musical Wunderkind” program and Bethesda’s local prodigy who was awarded this honor, was cellist Ian Champney.  The piece was...exquisite. Champney expertly conveyed all of the complexities in the beauty of life and death that the piece illustrates, while Bortiakova danced in sync with fluid perfection to each note.” Bethesda DC Metro and Theatre Arts by Kendall Mostafavi, 2015

A rousing kickoff to Christmas, full of joyful energy and tremendous dancing…the Central Arkansas Children’s Choir, [Moscow Ballet Musical Wunderkind], which sang during the “Waltz of the Snowflakes,” showed just how captivating live music can be for such a production.” Little Rock, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Jennifer Godwin, 2013  

“[Moscow Ballet Musical Wundrerkind] and locally based, award-winning teen violinist Annelle Gregory….an expressive account of the Saint-Saëns score and Mikhail Fokine’s [choreography to] "The Dying Swan." Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times, LA CA, 2013