Press Quotes about Costumes, Props and Sets

“Incredible set design by Academy Award nominee Carl Sprague...gorgeously illustrated backdrops. John Creech created the magical clock, with an incredible sculpted owl whose wings open up to a 5ft span when the clock strikes. The costume design by Arthur Oliver was...fantastic...divinely imaginative.” Bethesda DC Metro and Theatre Arts by Kendall Mostafavi , 2015

“Enchanting in all facets, a superb performance... Easily understood and easily accessible to the general public...the costumes, the Russian troika sleigh and the Rousseau-inspired backdrops all brought a quiet elegance to the stage. Costumes were magnificent, the stage a delight for the eye with amazing backdrops, the music superb, the dancers polished and their performance spot-on, and the story is one for the ages. Excellent stage production of "The Great Russian Nutcracker" in Salina. Bravo!” Salina The Hutchinson News, 2015

“It’s one of the most visually captivating spectacles of the season, with dazzling costumes by designer Arthur Oliver and intricately detailed backdrops, newly designed this year by Academy Award nominee Carl Sprague (The Grand Budapest Hotel). The latter’s design for “Waltz of the Flowers” features a gorgeous palace courtyard reminiscent of the Grand Palace of Peterhof in St. Petersburg, Russia.” Dallas Theatre Jones by Cheryl Callon, 2015

“Audiences can expect lush and grandiose sets, costumes with Eastern European flair, and technically superior performances...including multiple award-winning principals Karyna Shatkovskaya and Vladimir Tkachenko as Masha and Nutcracker Prince.” Canada Edmonton Vue Weekly by Fawnda Mithrush, 2015

“Moscow Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’...astonishing. The costumes and sets stood out for their elegance and beauty. Fantastic...marvelous. Sparkling costumes, including the crispiest tutus to be seen, colorful and well appointed backdrops.” Albany Daily Gazette by Wendy Libertore, 2015

“Moscow Ballet, overflowing with pristine technique, intricate costumes, and an overall holiday atmosphere…Every single tutu was to die for, but the tutu for the Kissy Doll outshined them all. The green, red, and gold tutu was so mesmerizing that it created a spotlight for the Kissy Doll’s minor role. Performed with impeccable unity and grace…such flawless technique paired with smiling faces and festive costumes left the audience eager for the following year’s performance…truly, a magical night,” Los Angeles Dance Life

“Costumes are exquisite… works of art,” Bethesda, D.C. Metro Theater and Arts, 2014  

“Filled with Macy’s-sized animals …beautiful costumes,” Sioux City, Sioux City Journal, 2014  

“Great Russian Nutcracker…resplendently detailed, technically supreme dancing, dazzling moments, authentically opulent and beautifully detailed costumes,” Calgary, Calgary Herald, Stephan Bonfield, 2014  

“Large, exquisitely hand-painted backdrop…entertainingly composite scenes bolstered with meticulously handsewn props and impressive four-metre tall puppets,” Calgary, Calgary Herald, Stephan Bonfield, 2014  

The costumes are exquisite…dusted with sparkling jewels and rhinestones...created by Arthur Oliver, they are works of art, tailored to each individual adult cast member’s body.” Bethesda, D.C. Metro Theater and Arts, Wendi Winters, 2014  

“Valentin Fedorov's whimsical sets and giant animal stick puppets and Arthur Oliver's colorful costumes brightened the stage,” Cleveland, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Steve Sucato, 2014

“Lively and resourceful, with an unusual array of bright, painted backdrops adding to the Christmas cheer...Virtuosity...Fleet authority,” Los Angeles Times by Lewis Segal, 2013

“Speaking of luxury, the Moscow Ballet staging has a reputation for elegant costumes and colorful props, including 10-feet-high puppets. "Russians are known not just for dance, but costumes, and ours are made in St. Petersburg by Vozrozhdeniye, one of the oldest and most respected ateliers in the world," Oliver says. "They're definitely eyepopping." The most unexpected costume in this production is the Dove of Peace. Oliver's design requires two dancers, although only one can be seen at first; when the second emerges, the costume reveals a wingspan of 20 feet. "It's a really amazing feat, like something out of Cirque du Soleil," says Lee Mills, the Peabody Conservatorytrained conductor for the Moscow Ballet's performances in Baltimore.” Baltimore Sun by Tim Smith, 2013

“Lovely to watch…this production adorns its dancers in imaginative attire, all as colorful as the eye-catching backdrops behind them. Dancers…all executed their movements with grace, athleticism and impressive interplay…sweeping you up in the bliss of beauty.” Minneapolis Pioneer Press 2013 Rob Hubbard 2013

“An elaborate medley of dance that brought out the wide-eyed wonder in all new backdrops and lavish costumes…providing stunning visuals to go along with fresh choreography. The [Arabian Variation] stunts, straight out of a Cirque du Soleil routine, kept the audience rapt in silence, save for the gasps of awe at the end of the variation. Little Rock Arkansas Democrat Gazette by Jennifer Godwin, 2013