Press Quotes

“[Alexandra] Elagina… delicately aced the Sugar Plum Fairy solo.” Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Eric E. Harrison, 2019… “Dove of Peace Aidana Amirkhanova and Rafael Urazov … brought down the house.”

The Spokesman Review, Don Chareunsy, 2019, “What really stands out in this very pretty production are the more than 200 colorful costumes; beautiful and again colorful sets; large and playful puppets and soaring birds; and doll-like handsome male and beautiful female dancers”

Broadway World, Natasha Ashley, 2018, “Sergey Chumakov and Elena Petrichenko are the two hypnotizing acro-ballet dancers portraying the dove... one of the most memorable and beautiful dances in the show... truly unique and mesmerizing”

Broadway World, 2017, “[The Great Russian Nutcracker] is a holiday treat that will not disappoint, complete with some of the most amazing dancing, sets, and costumes you could ever hope to see”

CNN, Christi Paul, 2017, “Moscow Ballet... increased artistic openness between U.S. and Russia” and “[Moscow Ballet is] once in a lifetime experience”

Philadelphia Dance Journal, Gary Day, 2016, “Moscow Ballet delivers all that is expected from a first-rate Nutcracker.”

“Nutcracker dazzlingly shows Russian roots,” Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Eric E. Harrison, 2016, “Masha Elagina and Andrei Batalov danced in sterling style.”

Broadway World, Perry Tannenbaum, 2016, “Moscow Ballet's [Great Russian]  Nutcracker brims with tradition, grace, and delight,” and "Ded Moroz," Russia's Father Christmas, and Snow Maiden "Snegurochka," were both resplendently attired in cerulean blue costumes newly designed by Arthur Oliver.”

“Hot ticket...magnetic sense of theater,” New York Times, 2015

“Exquisite...Awe-inspiring, stunning, controlled and seemingly perfect performances of Elena Petrichenko and Sergey Chumakov,” DC Metro and Theatre Arts, 2015

“A Christmas tale from a faraway Land of Snow and Ice,” New York Times, 2014, “Real beauty…good, precise dancing… well-trained cast.”

“Magical moments, truly excellent Snow Forest corps,” Calgary Herald, 2014, “Highlight of the night …uniquely Russian company of remarkable performers.”

“Acclaimed dancers…treat the Great Russian Nutcracker as the spectacular, globe-spanning institution that it is,” Denver Post, 2014    

“Wide-eyed wonder…and lavish costumes…stunning visuals…the [Arabian Variation] stunts, straight out of a Cirque du Soleil routine, kept the audience rapt in silence, save for the gasps of awe at the end of the variation.” Little Rock, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Jennifer Godwin 2013   

“Lively and resourceful…using music that is usually wasted, [the choreographer] created a sweet "Dove of Peace" duet at the beginning of Act 2 in which each [dancer is] outfitted with one enormous wing… linked up gymnastically for artful avian imagery…. the result is disarmingly poetic.” Los Angeles, LA Times, Lewis Segal, 2013, “Karyna Shatkovskaya…[showed] faultless mastery of the steps and a floating jump. Vladimir Tkachenko…contributed bravura expertise.”     

“President Barack Obama attends a dress rehearsal of Moscow Ballet's “Great Russian Nutcracker,” in which his daughter, Sasha, portrays a mouse…and works on remarks he is scheduled to give later that day.” Pete Souza,Time Magazine, NYC, NY, 2012  

“Kaleidoscope of colorful costuming…Eye-popping emissary for the [ballet] form …climactic pas de deux and solos and…[Alexandra] Elagina and [Anatolie] Ustimov were exceptional” Rob Hubbard, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Minneapolis MN, 2011

“Knockout…Brimful with feeling…Expansive… the Russian style is elegantly generous, and so the experience is never meager. Kids…were wide-eyed with delight.” Chief Dance Critic Alastair Macaulay, New York Times, NYC NY, 2010

“Ekaterina Bortyakova, epitome of a classical ballerina…to say that I was impressed would be an extreme understatement. Her performance was flawless” Alt Daily, Virginia Beach VA, 2009    

“Whimsical and imaginative storytelling blends with the richness of Russian classical dance to make the Great Russian Nutcracker a unique performance not to be missed!” News Blaze, Stockton PA, 2008    

“A magical dream world of awe-inspiring music and graceful, poised ballerinas,” Grand Rapids Herald-Review, Grand Rapids MI, 2007  

“Principal [Anatolie] Emelianov as the Prince sculpted the air with sharp, Russian-style muscularity” Kansas City Star, Kansas City KS, 2006  

"The dancing of [Tatiana] Predenia and Maxium Klekovkin was quite beautiful in the Grand Pas de Deux," Knoxville News, Knoxville TN, 2005  

“The Moscow Ballet dancers were full of childlike energy…Masha [Natalia Koungourtseva] …was carefree and her fouettes seemingly were unrestricted by the floor’s friction” Shreveport Times, Shreveport LA, 2004  

“Natalia Koungourtseva, as Masha, delivered both childlike wonder and radiant elegance…her pointe work was effortless…her port de bras was graceful …the dancing sparkles in Great Russian Nutcracker” Dana Gavin Frank, Dallas Morning News, Dallas TX, 2003  

"Whimsical ideas... charming tone...Tatiana Predenia [Masha]…set the standard as an assured ballerina with vibrant classical style and perfect body placement…classy and classical.” Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times, NYC NY, 2002        

“The Great Russian Nutcracker has storybook sets, stunning costumes and top Russian dancers who convey all the majesty you would expect from the Moscow Ballet” Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque NM, 2001  

“Say goodbye cute and hello genius with the Moscow Ballet's kick-ass rendition of the Nutcracker” Anna Ditkoff, Baltimore City Paper, Baltimore MD, 2000    

“Masha danced with ethereal grace… the perfect balance between delicacy and strength…four stars (out of four)” Syracuse Herald Journal, Syracuse NY, 1999
“The dancers’ impeccable technique, and reverence for tradition made the great classic gleam,” HeraldSun, Durham NC, 1998  

“Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker, sweet and restrained…the Nutcracker Prince, Dmitri Dmitriev…combining a classically pure line with power and elasticity… a most elegant and dashing Prince,” Margaret Putman, Dallas Morning News, Dallas TX, 1997  

“The hold [Moscow Ballet] has on Washington proved its strength once again…Marina Alexandrova, Vitaly Zabelin and Alexandre Troubitsyn are highly trained, expressive and a delight to
watch.” Washington Post, Washington DC, 1996    

“Led by a superlative ballerina [Marina Alexandrova] who is both lyrical and soulful… [Moscow Ballet] presents a Nutcracker that gives dance fans a treat” Providence Journal-Bulletin, Providence RI, 1995  

“Nothing could diminish the sheer luxuriousness of the production… bold and vital choreography” Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk VA, 1994

“Moscow Ballet…to all performers, we say bolshoi spasiba…big thanks!” Post Standard, Syracuse NY, 1993