Other Repertory Quotes

Swan Lake
“Karyna Shatkovskaya…[showed] faultless mastery of the steps and a floating jump. Vladimir Tkachenko…contributed bravura expertise.” Los Angeles, Los Angeles Times, 2013
“Many delights…ravishing costumes… choreography that reveals the clarity of line so vital to Russian classical style… disarming… gorgeous… effortlessly graceful and various other ensemble sequences [were] full of sophistication and buoyancy… Cleveland OH, Plain Dealer, Donald Rosenberg, 2013
“Breathtaking athleticism on display… storybook-style backdrops were beautiful and the prima ballerina was invariably exceptional...Karyna Shatkovskaya[is]…a lithe, smoothly flowing ballerina who dominated every scene she graced.” Minneapolis MN, Pioneer Press, Rob Hubbard, 2012
Romeo and Juliet
“Experience the combination of strength, grace and elegance offered by Alexandra Elagina and Anatolie Ustimov in their climactic pas de deux and the collection of "Can you top this?" solos it spawns. Elagina and Ustimov...both were exceptional.” Minneapolis-St. Paul Pioneer Press, Rob Hubbard, 2011
“[Elagina and Ustimov] performed non-stop sets of Fouetté en Tournants, Grand Ecarts and other amazing feats of agility and strength with perfect balance and attitude. The audience especially loved these visibly physically challenging sequences, and stormed the air with energizing rounds of applause.” Asheville NC, Mountain Express