Rhode Island Hospital Appreciation Letter

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December 10, 1994

Mr. Akiva Talmi, President
The Moscow State Ballet
of the Natalia Stas Theatre
150 North Street
Suite 26
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Dear Akiva:

It doesn’t seem possible that the ballet has come and gone in Rhode Island. After all the planning waiting and hoping-- what a great night and such a triumphant success! We can’t thank you enough for choosing Hasbro Children’s Hospital to affiliate with for this memorable performance of “The Nutcracker.” The dancers were absolutely breathtaking, as was the rendition of this wonderful Christmas story.

All of our supporters were totally impressed and couldn’t thank us enough for the great performance and wonderful evening.

Akiva, once again, thank you for the special opportunity to work with you and the Moscow State Ballet. We look forward to discussing plans for next year soon.

Here’s to continued success in the States. Have a wonderful holiday.

deborah guthrie sig
Deborah Guthrie
Development Officer

joan libbey
Joan Libbey
Development Coordinator