1835 House At Recovery Acres Recommends Moscow Ballet

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To Whom It May Concern:

During the months of November and December of 2007, the 1835 House at Recovery Acres had the opportunity to present Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Swan Lake. The Scope of the project was very large, traveling to eight cities in Western Canada and performing 16 shows.

Due in part to our major investment and in part to the commercial success of these shows, Recovery Acres benefited hugely. Not only did the organization recoup its investment through ticket sales, major donors were also very supportive and made considerable charitable donation. In addition to funds raised, our organization became far better known and gained valuable national attention.

The success of this project was insurmountable.. to the extent that we are returning to the road in 2008 for yet another tour of Canada. We have doubled the size of the tour to include 32 shows, spanning from Victoria, British Columbia to Montreal, Quebec, and featuring two ballets: Great Russian Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.

I am confident that this tour will also increase our operating funds as well as our visibility in Canada. The 1835 House at Recovery Acres strongly recommends this program to any and all charitable organizations looking to raise money for a good cause or simply make headlines for their group.

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