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Q & A, with Oleg Vinogradov

September 17, 2012  |  By Moscow Ballet

Question 1, from The Weekly Standard
For some years, since around the time of the height of the Mariinsky/Kirov Theatre, life was dangerous—you were afraid for your personal safety. How has the political world changed in Russia now that there is a president from St. Petersburg? How have things changed in relation to the arts, because in the past, things were unsafe & turbulent for the arts; theatres couldn’t do certain things, the government decreed certain restrictions, etc

September 06, 2012  |  By Moscow Ballet

Oleg Vinogradov Talks Ballet Dancers & the Future

August 16, 2012  |  By Moscow Ballet

In His Own Words: The Legendary Oleg Vinogradov

July 30, 2012  |  By Moscow Ballet

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July 04, 2012  |  By Moscow Ballet

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