Great Russian Nutcracker

“Expansive… transcendent music…kids…were wide-eyed with delight…the Russian style is elegantly generous” Alastair Macaulay, Chief Dance Critic, NY Times

Swan Lake

“[Moscow Ballet had]…impeccably defined movement that was spellbinding to watch.” Stark Insider, San Francisco CA

The Sleeping Beauty

“Kaleidoscope of colorful costuming…Eye-popping emissary for the [ballet] form …climactic pas de deux…solos were exceptional,” Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Minneapolis MN, Rob Hubbard


“One of the best female dancers, gliding across the stage as if she was walking on air. The choreography, and the way she executed it, was key in making you… embrace the illusion that she really was a mystical fairy godmother” The Orion, Chico CA

Romeo and Juliet

“[Alexandra Elagina] ….seems brimful with feeling” NY Times, NYC NY, Chief Dance Critic Alastair Macaulay