Principal Danseur Oleksandr Skulkin

Moscow Ballet's Oleksandr Skulkin in his solo at the end of the Great Russian Nutcracker

Oleksandr SkulkinOleksandr Skulkin premiered as Nutcracker Prince on the West Tour of Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker and Swan Lake in 2017. Oleksandr partners the award winning and remarkable Olena Pecheniuk. Skulkin is an Award Winning Principal Danseur being awarded at the 7th International Ballet Competition of Serge Lifar in Donetsk in 2011 and being awarded Silver at the Beijing International Ballet Competition in Beijing in 2014. Oleksandr is a quickly rising star danseur with Moscow Ballet. Formerly with the esteemed National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater in Kiev, Oleksandr studied at the Kiev Municipal Academy of Serge Lifar, the world famous Ukrainian dancer,Oleksandr Skulkin and Olena Pecheniuk teacher and choreographer. Oleksandr has performed on the stage in many more countries than the U.S. and Canada, such as Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Lebanon, China, Korea, Japan and others. He has been honored to perform many of the top classic ballet roles including, but not limited to: Great Russian Nutcrucker as Prince, Harlequinn, Chinese Variation and French Variation; Don Quixote as Basil; Le Corsair (clip 3:49 - 8:14) as the Slave and Lanknedem; in La Sylphide as Hero James; in Sleeping Beauty as the Blue Bird; in Bayadere as the Golden Idol, in Swan Lake Pa de Trois and many others.