New Horizons

PROGRAM ~ NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet’s ‘New Horizons: A Children’s Program for Life’ is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity providing thousands of children a day, or week, of cultural immersion; personal role modeling with the highly trained International dancers; and a world class performance experience. 

Washington Post writes, “Some people talk about changing the current national emphasis on STEM to STEAM (A for Arts)...the arts — while important to study for their intrinsic value — also promote skills seen as important in academic and life success.”  Important life skills such as problem solving, perseverance, focus, accountability, and more, are inherent in learning arts disciplines. Click to read the full article as taken from Lisa Phillips blog post.

LIVE PERFORMANCE~ Experiencing NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet’s  performance live is an integral part of the New Horizon experience. It opens children’s awareness to the fantastic physical prowess and artistry of the company as well as the celebration of peace and cultural diversity in the ballet. During the New Horizons immersion sessions, children work 1-on-1 with NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet ballerinas in movement, health and art/culture workshops. Through New Horizons children develop life skills identified by Lisa Phillips in her post “Top 10 Skills Children Learn from the Arts.” In movement classes children learn physical confidence, non-verbal communication, perseverance and focusing skills; in the health workshops they develop problem solving skills, receive constructive feedback and are held accountable for their daily food consumption; and in art/culture sessions they develop creative expression, collaborate with each other and learn dedication to the project and their work.

Experiencing all of the aesthetics of the world class NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet takes the children to a new place in their minds, a place where imagination becomes real, and interacting with the dancers at the performance empowers their own sense of self esteem by association.

Day of Immersion

Week of Immersion

NEEDS ASSESSMENT~ The New Horizons program combats obstacles that hinder today’s children’s healthy physical and emotional development.  In many situations children’s schools today have inadequate, if any, funding for the arts and lack of exposure to world class cultural events.

Recent studies suggest that children spend close to 25% of their waking hours, in front of an electronic screen and that 49% of all school age children are significantly overweight. Intolerance of others (90% of the students in grades 4-8 reported being bullied) and direct anti-social behavior is another aspect of an unhealthy lifestyle that New Horizons works to remedy.

New Horizons can be experienced as a Day or Week of Immersion and can be can be arranged for schools, after-care programs, clubs and other organizations.

Please contact: [email protected]  or 800.320.1733.