Fine Art Program

Lana Popova poses for students of Savannah College of Art and Design

lana popova in a classical ballet pose for savannah school of arts and design students sept 2016 scad student sketches moscow ballet's lana popova sept 30 lana popova poses for over 200 scad students one many levels!

Moscow Ballet soloist Lana Popova poses for Savannah College of Art and Design students in two Figure Drawing Classes and engages in Question & Answer session fall 2016. Moscow Ballet’s Fine Art program brings ballerinas and art students together in a cultural and artistic exchange. Art students love the ballerina’s finely tuned musculature and increased physical development for advanced or unusual poses. Lana Popova, ballerina, teacher and choreographer, was thrilled to pose for SCAD students. She is a multitalented ballerina and teacher who choreographed for Moscow Sport School of Calisthenics and was in performances of Natalia Sats Children’s Theatre in Moscow. She also performed on tours to New Zealand, Australia, China, and Europe and was Head Assistant of the Delegation of Moscow to the Para-Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014. 

Moscow Ballet at M.I.C.A.
Ballet Lines Inspire Fine Art Lines when Moscow Ballet Soloists Pose for Art Students

Svetlana Todinova posing at MICA 2013, photo by B BiondiMoscow Ballet presents pioneering “Art, Drawing and Dance” program incorporating the organic relationship between the fine art and the physical, live action of ballet movement bringing the dancers’ body to the canvases and the lens of emerging artists.

The “Art, Drawing and Dance” (ADD) program brings world acclaimed ballerinas to pose for art students in their classroom and artists are invited to draw dancers on stage in the performance venues. Vaganova trained Moscow Ballet ballerinas pose for drawing and photography classes offering their finely developed musculature for the young artists to work from. After class, fine art students attend Moscow Ballet technique class and dress rehearsal at the performance venue for more drawing/shooting opportunities.

MICA (Maryland Institute for Contemporary Art Drawing) Fine Art Chair Rex Stevens says, “"The experience of having a first class ballerina modeling was very special for all the different majors involved.  The opportunity to draw a professional dancer is always intriguing; to have access to a professional company is really rare for students. It was a thrilling and professional interaction between the ballerina and the students.  I'm looking forward to the Moscow Ballet and MICA participating in another terrific collaboration."

Contact [email protected] to participate.