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Moscow Ballet and SCAD drawing minors announce drawing contest and exhibition

Mykhailo Shcherbakov and SCAD Drawing Minor   SCAD Exhibition Contest Winner   SCAD Honorable Mention   SCAD Honorable Mention

Moscow Ballet's Fine Art program in partnership with Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) created a student exhibition featuring drawings of Moscow Ballet Danseur Mykhailo Shcherbakov who visited during the fall of 2019. SCAD and Moscow Ballet are expanding a collaboration of several years promoting the artistry of SCAD drawing students using Moscow Ballet’s danseur Mykhailo Shcherbakov as subject. Danseur Mykhailo Shcherbakov performed as the Nutcracker Doll and Brother Fritz in 2019's Great Russian Nutcracker. The exhibit featured at SCAD’s Anderson Hall November 6, 2019 through January 16, 2020. 

Pasadena's ArtCenter, Motion Capture, and Moscow Ballet's Ballerina Anna Trofimova

Ballerina Anna dances at ArtCenter’s Motion Capture work session   Ballerina Anna dances at ArtCenter’s Motion Capture work session

Ballerina Anna dances at ArtCenter’s Motion Capture work session   Ballerina Anna dances at ArtCenter’s Motion Capture work session

In fall 2019, Ballerina Anna Trofimova was invited to pose for a Motion Capture photo shoot at Pasadena’s ArtCenter, the first ballerina to be included in the program. ArtCenter College of Design’s Chair Wendy Arvest states, “There is a class in the Interaction Design Department called Body Tracking and we are attempting to build a library of body movements to support it. We have done this successfully with ice skaters and Anna’s participation was of great value to us educationally.” ArtCenter is not a traditional art school. There are several departments that teach digital media design which is basically a system of small sensors (size and weight of a quarter) that attach to the body capturing a person’s movement electronically. This material is then used digitally. Anna wore a basic leotard and tights and had sensors attached all over body but her movement was not restricted in anyway.

Moscow Ballet at M.I.C.A.
Ballet Lines Inspire Fine Art Lines when Moscow Ballet Soloists Pose for Art Students

Svetlana Todinova posing at MICA 2013, photo by B BiondiMoscow Ballet presents pioneering “Art, Drawing and Dance” program incorporating the organic relationship between the fine art and the physical, live action of ballet movement bringing the dancers’ body to the canvases and the lens of emerging artists.

The “Art, Drawing and Dance” (ADD) program brings world acclaimed ballerinas to pose for art students in their classroom and artists are invited to draw dancers on stage in the performance venues. Vaganova trained Moscow Ballet ballerinas pose for drawing and photography classes offering their finely developed musculature for the young artists to work from. After class, fine art students attend Moscow Ballet technique class and dress rehearsal at the performance venue for more drawing/shooting opportunities.

MICA (Maryland Institute for Contemporary Art Drawing) Fine Art Chair Rex Stevens says, “"The experience of having a first class ballerina modeling was very special for all the different majors involved. The opportunity to draw a professional dancer is always intriguing; to have access to a professional company is really rare for students. It was a thrilling and professional interaction between the ballerina and the students. I'm looking forward to the Moscow Ballet and MICA participating in another terrific collaboration."

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