FAQ for Students


for Moscow Ballet Performances with “Dance with Us” students

  • -Host Studio Director will set the rehearsal schedule for all roles.
  • -Children must attend all rehearsals which average a total 12 hours over six to eight weeks.
  • -Children must be on time for rehearsals and promptness in picking up children is greatly appreciated.
  • -Host Studio Director will set any additional rules regarding the rehearsal schedules.
  • -Moscow Ballet only permits one (1) missed rehearsal (with written excuse and notice).
  • -If rehearsals are missed without notice, Moscow Ballet will stand by a teacher’s decision to remove a child from the cast.
  • -Children must memorize choreography and music counts and be performance ready for day of show


All outer costumes are provided by Moscow Ballet. Each child must provide their own undergarments including tights, ballet slippers, pointe shoes, and leotard. Children should arrive at the theatre dressed in tights and camisole or leotard with hair and makeup done.  All children should bring makeup and hair products with them in order to refresh before performance and should have a mirror.

Party Guests

• Party Girls: Pink tights, pink slippers, short sleeve leotard in basic pink, white or beige

• Party Girls Hair:  Wear down and bangs are acceptable. (or in a bun in a twist if they are also cast as Mice) 

• Party Boys (or girls playing boys): White tights, white slippers

• Party Boys Hair: Bun at base of neck  (girl dancers)


Little Snowflakes

• Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, white tank leotard as undergarment

• Hair in a high ballet bun (that will support the headpiece)

• Boy dancers:  Must bring white tights, white tank, white ballet slippers.



• Black short-sleeve leotard, black tights, black ballet slippers - NO JAZZ SHOES or PANTY HOSE!

• Hair up in a twist - place head piece on first to determine height of twist


Snow Maidens

• Beige or pink Camisole, pink tights, pink ballet slippers

• Hair is in bun middle of head


Snow Sprites (formerly known as Butterflies)

• Beige or pink Camisole, pink tights, pink ballet slippers or pointe shoes 

• Hair is in bun middle of head

Variations: Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and French

• Girls young: nude or pink leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers

• Girls older: nude or pink camisole or tank-top leotards, pink tights and pink ballet slippers or pointe shoes

• Boys (or girls playing boys): white tights and slippers for French variation

• Hair:  Mid bun for girls


Make-up for all roles

• Light pink lipstick, light foundation, light eyeliner and brown or grey eye shadow, light mascara, not heavy.

NO red lipstick, body glitter, colored eye shadow or false eye lashes

                • Bring hair spray or gel , Pony-tail holders and/or rubber bands, hair pins, hair net, brush, comb

  • · Personal mirror


NOTE: If ALL the children in a particular dance already have white tights and white slippers instead of pink, that is fine but there must be consistency of all of the colors in each scene.

Although the MICE have to wear black leotards and tights with black ballet slippers, if this presents a financial burden, ALL Mice may wear pink. Please let wardrobe know in this case.



The below guide is designed to make fittings quick and accurate! It is really important that the Dress Rehearsal Volunteers help to keep the children as quiet as possible. It is an exciting time, but the kids must co-operate if they want their costumes fitted in time. Please help them understand the process!


1. Each Dress Rehearsal Volunteer (DRV) should bring a roll of masking tape and Sharpie marker as she will identify costumes with children’s names on the coat hangers of the costumes.

2. Children should arrive on time and go directly to their assigned group and wait for their group to be called to get their costumes.

3. Children must line up from smallest to tallest sizes in their respective role groups, as that is the way the costumes are arranged – no exceptions.

4. When a child receives his/her costume the DRV puts the child’s name on masking tape on that costume’s hanger. The child is now RESPONSIBLE for her/his own hanger and costume.

5.  Photos of each child in costume will be taken. When they are finished the costumes and all accessories including head pieces and gloves are taken off and hung up on the marked hanger with the child’s name and ready for performance. The costume MUST BE RETURNED to Moscow Ballet on the same hanger it was received on at the end of the performacne/s.

6. If there is double casting there will be two names on the matching costume hanger.

7. No dancer leaves the fitting area with costumes or accessories on, as someone is bound to leave her headpiece in the bathroom never to be found again.

Unfortunately we can't go to the next city without all our costumes, so PLEASE help us.

NO ONE leaves the theater  until ALL COSTUMES AND ACCESSORIES are counted and back in the Gondolas according to size. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CO-OPERATION in getting this accomplished.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Education Director Sharon Wolin 800-320-1733 x18 or sharon@nutcracker.com.


One to two weeks prior to your performance you will hear from the Moscow Ballet Costume Director who will give you the confirmed schedule for the day.

1. Performance day approximate schedule

-Children will arrive at the venue’s backstage door 6 hours before (first) curtain dressed in tights, camisole or leotard with hair and make-up on. Arrival time may vary – if so parents/children will be informed of the new time ahead of performance date by the host dance teacher.

-Parents will sign their child in with host dance teacher at the backstage door (unless directed to a different entrance by the Moscow Ballet costumer).

-Children will be backstage until the end of the performance. Parents are not allowed backstage

-NEW - Host Dance Studio should bring 1 volunteer for every 10 student dancers. 2 volunteers will be stationed at each side of the stage with 2 dance teachers. All other volunteers will be in waiting rooms with student cast assisting with costumes, hair, make-up, bathroom, food, and discipline.

-Upon arrival costume fittings begin with Moscow Ballet Wardrobe Mistress who is the children’s supervisor for the day and will set the rules.  Please help her out by supporting her efforts

-After each child is fitted in their costume, portrait photos are taken.

-Rehearsal time with Moscow Ballet company is flexible and Moscow Ballet Production Manager will let the Host Dance Teacher know when and where it will take place that day

-Show call is ½ hour before performance. Children should be warmed up and in costume prior to this time. Performance is 2 hours which includes a 20 minutes intermission.

-The 2 host dance teachers and 2 volunteers are stationed on each side of the stage and cue the children’s entrances. The volunteer is responsible for ushering children back to dressing room and getting the next cast lined up to go on stage.  The teachers and volunteers must be the same people for dress rehearsal and performances.End of performance – parents come to backstage door where they dropped the children off and sign-out their child with the Host Dance teacher. Parents are not allowed backstage.

2. Checklist of Items to Bring in 1 Bag

-Clean ballet shoes, Pointe and/or soft shoes

-Button up or zipper warm up suit (Nothing over the head, cannot mess up hair). Make sure sweat suit does not leave “pill” marks on tights

-Pink lipstick & blush (NO red lipstick, false eyelashes or colored eye shadow)

-Hair spray or gel, Pony-tail holders and/or rubber bands, hair pins, hair net, brush, comb

-Personal mirror

-Small packages of tissues and safety pins, NO jewelry of any kind, i.e. earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.

-Child’s name must be on all personal items

-Water bottle and healthy snack: fruit/nuts/granola bar/etc (No large meals please)

3. Parents Role

-Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest and arrives well fed at the venue

-Parents are not permitted backstage at any time or in the theatre during dress rehearsal

-Neither the Host Dance Studio or parents may take photos or record the Moscow Ballet performance in any format

-Please do NOT bring large trays of food

-Your Host Studio will create an insert with names and roles to be inserted into Moscow Ballet’s national Playbill