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Meet Our Audition Directors

Moscow Ballet’s Vaganova-trained master teachers and audition directors are integral to the success of the Great Russian Nutcracker performances. These accomplished soloists audition and rehearse over 5,000 ballet students in cities on the tour each year, helping to prepare them for their debut alongside Moscow Ballet's 40 professional Russian dancers. For many aspiring dancers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

"This [opportunity] would be comparable to working one-on-one with an Olympic athlete…you are working with the best of the best," says Jenny Karl, owner of In Motion Dance Studio in Tiffin, OH and a Moscow Ballet host coordinator.

altCarolina Siscanu

At just nine years old Carolina Siscanu auditioned and was accepted at the National School of Ballet in Chisinau, Moldova. The highly regarded Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Moldova is the pride of national performing arts. The country, famous for its vocalexpertise which has attracted world famous singers including Fyodor Shalyapinand Enrico Caruso, is also known for its world class level of ballet training and performance. Carolina studied at the school for nine years, graduating in 2009. Even before graduation, in 2008 she was invited to join the company of the Moldovan National Ballet Theatre and sometimes performs with the company today.

Carolina’s ballet repertory includes the iconic Russian ballets and a variety of roles. She performs the Spanish Dance in Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake’ and the friends and nymphs in Adam’s ‘Giselle.” She performs as soloist in the Hungarian Dance of “Coppelia” music by L.Delibes and as Lemons and Flowers in Armenian Karen Haciaturean”s “Cipollino,” or “Little Onion,”  a children's tale about political oppressionfor which the main theme is the struggle of the underclass against the powerfuland the importance of friendship in the face of difficulties.Other roles include as Snowflake and brother Fritz in the Nutcracker as well as Carmencita in Minkus’ “Don Quixote.” Carolina speaks Romanian, Russian, English, French, and Spanish and has performed in Great Britain, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, France, and China in addition to the U.S.A.


nataliya-miroshnyk-in-the-spanish-variation-of-the-great-russian-nutcrackerEkaterina Uksusnikova

Moscow Ballet introduces new Audition Director Ekaterina Uksuskinova for the 2013 season. Ekaterina is a highly trained dancer and accredited dance/movement pedagogue. In 2003 she graduated from the Genadiy Ledyah School of Classical Dance in Moscow with degrees in Ballet and Choreography. Later she attended the prestigious Moscow State Academy of Choreography and Pedagogy, graduating with degrees in both areas in 2012. In addition to dance and movement, Ekaterina has studied piano at the Music School of Frederic Chopin, English at the Institute of English, and is a certified Pilates and Yoga teacher.

Upon graduating for the first time in 2003, Ekaterina joined an altinternationally touring company and traveled the world for four years performing in all of the classic ballets including Swan Lake, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty and more. Now, when she is not on tour, Ekaterina teaches Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga for adults and children in Moscow. She continues to choreograph as much as possible, teaches dance and English, and creates choreography in the English Nursery School in Moscow.

Ekaterina joins Moscow Ballet for the 2013 tour as a soloist and Audition Director in the Great Russian Nutcracker 70 city North American tour.

nataliya-miroshnyk-in-the-spanish-variation-of-the-great-russian-nutcrackerNataliya Miroshnyk

Nataliya Miroshnyk charms audiences each year with her dancing of the flamboyant Spanish variation in Act II of the Great Russian Nutcracker. An expertly trained ballerina, Nataliya graduated from the Kiev Academic Choreographic School in Ukraine in 1988.  Immediately on graduation Nataliya was invited to join the company of the Odessa State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of the Ukraine and gained a tremendous amount of experience touring the world.  Nataliya’s repertoire includes classic ballets such as Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere, Don Quixote, Romeo and Juliet and, of course, the Great Russian Nutcracker.

Nataliya has danced as a soloist with Moscow Ballet for over six years and is also an Audition Director traveling across the U.S and Canada, auditioning and rehearsing young dancers to perform alongside the professionals in the Great Russian Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Romeo and Juliet. She is also a Moscow Ballet Summer Intensive teacher giving Vaganova method training for advanced and pre-professional American ballet students and a teacher for Moscow Ballet’s “New Horizons – A Children’s Program for Life.”

svetlana-todinova-nutcrackerSvetlana Todinova


Svetlana Todinova,Moscow Ballet’s dynamic Audition Director and soloist for over a decade, dances as soloist with Moscow Ballet in all the company’s repertory. Born in Yadrun, Russia just outside of Moscow, Todinova completed formal training under ballet legendary Yuri Grigorovich at the Ufimsky School of Choreography in Ufa, now named the Rudolph Nureyev Russian State Ballet Academyin honor of the legendary dancer who was also a graduate. Upon graduation in 1997, Svetlana was invited to dance with the Ufa Opera and Ballet Theatre in the capital city of the Bashkiria Republic.  She was later invited to join the Krasnodarsk Musical Theater, directed by Yuri Grigorovich who is now famous for his virtuosic productions at the Bolshoi Theater. There she danced all the big works that Grigorovich created including “Legend of Love,” “Spartacus” and more. She recounts that at rehearsals for these productions Grigorovich would watch the complete show without comment and then gave corrections to each dancer as needed one by one on stage and from memory.  In 1999, Svetlana joined Russia's renowned National Academy of Theatrical Arts, aka “GITIS,” founded in 1878 by theater pioneer and founder of the Stanislavsky acting method, K. Stanislavsky. The school was formed specifically as a training ground for choreographers and directors, and to preserve the heritage of Russian classical ballet. There she specialized in pedagogy and repertory for children.  

Known for her high speed jumps, turns and strong accents, Svetlana is known affectionately among her colleagues as "The Baby Swan" for her role in the classic "Swan Lake."  Along with Swan Lake, her repetoire includes Spartacus, Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere, Carmen, Romeo and Juliet, and more. As Moscow Ballet Audition Director, Svetlana visits dozens of American cities in September and November annually, where she auditions and rehearses hundreds of aspiring dancers to perform in Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker.  Following this, Svetlana joins her colleagues for the Great Russian Nutcracker tour.


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