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Moscow Ballet's Testimonials

Nov 2013 – Great Russian Nutcrackeralt

My son-in-law bought tickets and sent me with his wife to see Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker. What a glorious performance of grace, technique, physical prowess, and amazing story. I totally immersed myself into the opulence and grandeur. It has been decades since I've felt the thrill of this kind of energy and joy of creativity! The Mother Lode Theater in Butte was the perfect hosting location of your splendid performance. Sharing some humor, where else but in Montana will you hear cat calls and whistles of delight from the audience at a sophisticated production. WE LOVED IT!! Thank you for the beauty - the unequaled skill and devotion to the art - and the absolutely flawless execution of ballet and physical stamina. I feel quite blessed to have been a part - even if only in the audience - of this fantastic evening.

Becky, Butte

Dec 2013 – Dance with Usalt

"We met with the kids for seven weeks of practice and it was one day the kids got to rehearse and perform at Cleveland Music Hall with the professionals. It was an experience you couldn't put into words. It was amazing."

Jordan Petersen-Fitts, co-owner Cuyahoga Falls Dance Studio, MB Host Dance Studio

Dec 2013 – Musical Wunderkindalt

The performance went wonderfully tonight! I was so excited and honored to be performing with the principal ballerina [as Moscow Ballet Musical Wunderkind!] My family and I also very much enjoyed the show afterwards. What phenomenal dancers, costumes, and settings! Thank you so much.

Annelle Gregory, Los Angeles

Oct 2013 – New Horizonsalt

Thank you for all that you have done to make the Moscow Ballet event happen. Wow! What a job! Svetlana…did a great job with the students. Parents have told me that it is all their children would talk about when they picked them up from school. I wish you could have seen the eyes of the children and could have heard the squeals and applause. Please know how much everyone in our school district appreciates this marvelous experience. Thanks again!

Eleanor Powers, Director, Ellis Performing Arts Center, Latta South Carolina

Sept 2013- Master Classesalt

Maryland Institute for Collage of Art (MICA)
"I thought the experience of having a first class ballerina modeling was very special for all the different majors involved.  Svetlana was a hit with the drawing and photography students. It was a thrilling and professional interaction between the ballerina and the students.  I'm looking forward to the Moscow Ballet and MICA participating in another terrific collaboration."

Professor Rex R. Stevens
Chair, Drawing& General Fine Arts departments
Maryland Institute College of Art

White House Appreciation Letteralt

"We hope you take pride in your contributions to the world of ballet, and we appreciate your thoughtful gesture."

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Pasco County Schools

"We were so pleased with the results of this day of immersion that we are bringing four Moscow Ballet dancers to the PLACE centers for 6 weeks this summer where we will expand to a full week of immersion for every PLACE child in Pasco County!"

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alt1835 House at Recovery Acres Recommends Moscow Ballet

"The 1835 House at Recovery Acres strongly reccomends this program to any and all charitable organizations looking to raise money for a good cause or simply make headlines for their group."

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Arthritis Foundation- Rhode Island Chapter Appreciation Letter

"The Event was terrific, great seats and our supporters thought the event was a remarkable performance."

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altRhode Island Hospital Appreciation Letter

"We can’t thank you enough for choosing Hasbro Children’s Hospital to affiliate with for this memorable performance of “The Nutcracker.”

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First Lady Accepts Honorary Chairman of ''Cynthia Gregory- The Celebration tour''

"On behalf of Mrs. Reagan, I am pleased to inform you that the First Lady has accepted yout thoughtful invitation to serve as the Honorary Chairman of "Cynthia Gregory- The Celebration Tour."

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altNancy Reagan's Letter to Cynthia Gregory

"I am Delighted to extend my warnest greetings to you as you continue your "Celebration Tour." It is my pleasure to serve as Honorary Chairman of the benefit to fight drugs and alcohol abuse among our young people"

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altMoscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker Day in Paducah

Paducah appreciates Moscow Ballet's support of the Paducah based Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation and their education efforts. To mark this occasion, I proclaim it Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker Day in Paducah.

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