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Moscow Ballet's Cinderella


With 400 lavish costumes, a magical set, and breathtaking folkloric backgrounds,
Moscow Ballet’s Cinderella is an enchanting experience that proves dreams do
come true.  Cinderella is the endearing  story of a young girl with a tender heart
who finds good fortune, love and happiness through her acts of kindness.  The
ballet is based on the fairy tale written by the great French storyteller Charles
Perrault (1628 – 1703), who also authored Sleeping Beauty, Puss and Boots,
and Blue Beard.

True to the age-old fairy tale, Moscow Ballet’s Cinderella features a very bossy,
unlikable Stepmother and two very vain stepsisters. Cinderella tries to befriend
them, but her efforts are thwarted by their jealousy.

The lyric charm of the Cinderella story so moved the great Russian composer
Sergey Prokoviev that he wrote a wonderful piece of music as soft and fragile
as Cinderella herself.  Choreographer Rostislav Zakharov (1907 - 1975) was an
active and influential figure of Russian ballet while the Soviet Union was in power.
While working with the Bolshoi, he choreographed Cinderella in 1945.


alt Photo courtesy of Dwight McCann
alt Photo courtesy of Dwight McCann
alt Photo courtesy of Dwight McCann


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