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FAQ - Rehearsal & Performance


Please have your child arrive at dress rehearsal(s) already dressed in tights, camisole
or leotard wearing a sweat suit or robe over them to speed up the costuming process.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure your child’s sweat suit does not leave “pill” marks on their
tights. Have your child wear a cardigan type top; this will save time in fixing hair
because it is not pulled off over their heads.

  - Clean ballet shoes (Pointe or soft shoe)
  - Camisole or tank-top leotard(s) and tights (please see Moscow Ballet’s Costume

-  Cardigan type top, Sweat suit or warm up suit. (Nothing over the head, cannot mess up

-  Pink lipstick & blush (please no red lipstick), no false eyelashes & no eye shadow

-  Pony tail holders and/or rubber bands, hair pins, hair net, brush, comb

-  Hair spray or gel

-  Small packages of tissues, safety pins

- Child’s name on all personal items & keep baggage at a minimum

- No jewelry of any kind, i.e. earrings, rings, bracelets, etc

Party guests wear their hair down with sides pulled back in a ponytail
Mice wear their hair in a flat twist to accommodate headpiece.
All others have a bun determined by headpiece.


Moscow Ballet’s policy for missed rehearsals and costume fittings is as follows:
Dear Parents: Your child must attend all rehearsals and costume fittings. Please:

1. Be on time for rehearsals.
Moscow Ballet only permits one (1) missed rehearsal (with written excuse and notice). If
rehearsals are missed without notice, Moscow Ballet will stand by a teacher’s decision to
remove a child from a cast.

2. Be on time for costume fittings on the day of show.

3. Be on time for performance calls.

4. Do not leave the theater without permission. Teachers will be given
information sheets on costuming needs, and fitting procedures.

5. Pick up dancers from all activities on time. PLEASE!
Our host coordinators have their regularly scheduled classes to attend to during this
rehearsal period. Some may have to leave the rehearsal facility to travel to another site
to teach. Your promptness in picking up your child from Moscow Ballet rehearsals is
greatly appreciated.

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