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2016 Press Releases

Award-winning, “Epitome of a classical ballerina,” “Flawless” and “Astounding” describe alternating principals on Moscow Ballet’s 2013 North American Eastern tour

(Berkshires, MAOct 29, 2013 –Alternating principal dancers highlight Russian ballet prowess and beauty on Moscow Ballet North American Eastern Tour of the Great Russian Nutcracker and two performances ofSwan Lake.  Returning principals Ekaterina Bortiakova and Akshol Mussakhanov perform lead roles with precision, high energy and charm. Ekaterina Bortiakova was described as “Epitome of a classical ballerina…to say that I was impressed would be an extreme understatement. Her performance was flawless,” by Alt Daily, Virginia Beach VA. Honored Artist of Ukraine, Viktor Shcherbakov returns from his 2013 Moscow Ballet premiere with partner Ekaterina Tikhonova in her first appearance as principal Masha. In addition the company of 40 dancers perform Olympic-worthy leaps in the holiday performance for families with magical toys, falling snow and a growing Christmas tree.Specific performance cities on East Tour can be found below and at Read more

A Dove of Peace with 20ft wingspan and Award-winning principals crown Moscow Ballet’s 2013 North American Western tour

(Berkshires, MAOct 29, 2013 –Multi-award winning principal dancers Shatkovskaya and Tkachenko present Russian prowess and beauty on Moscow Ballet North American Western Tour of the Great Russian NutcrackerCinderella and Sleeping Beauty. New in 2013, and exclusive to Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker, the Dove of Peace is danced by Kristina Kadashevych and Oleksii Knyazkov, who become a soaring Dove with a 20 foot wingspan.  Wearing one ten foot long wing each, the pair balances, dives and fly as one great white Dove. The creation is inspired by work of Stanislav Vlasov, former dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet and original Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker choreographer in 1993. In addition the company of 40 dancers perform Olympic-worthy leaps in the holiday performance for families with magical toys, falling snow and a growing Christmas tree. Specific performance dates and cities on West Tour can be found below and Read more

Tinkering with 150 year old tradition… Moscow Ballet introduces magic, new costumes and dramatic depth to Great Russian Nutcracker

(Berkshires, MANov 21, 2013 – Moscow Ballet takes 150 year Nutcracker tradition to a new level incorporating props, costumes, and a new level of dramatic depth to the 21 year old Great Russian Nutcracker. The highly skilled Vaganova-trained dancers are introduced to “Broadway moves” on the 2013 tour by British born actor and veteran Broadway director James Warwick.  Moscow Ballet producers brought Warwick to the company to develop motivation of the dancer/actors. Warwick works with Moscow Ballet’s East and West companies on motivation and using props designed by Resident Designer Arthur Oliver. Oliver traveled to St Petersburg in March to oversee the production of 200 costumes and several new props of his design. The new props include a “Magic Table” for Uncle Drosselmeyer, 5 ft tall pile of “teetering presents” for Christmas party scene and two 6ft tall “Matrushka Dolls” which reveal Drosselmeyer’s magic dolls for party guests.  American Shakespearean designer Oliver also brings innovation to the production through a blend of imaginative ideas using traditional methods from Russia. Oliver states, “The mix of new requests from the producers and the 300 year theatrical tradition of the Russians, creates great new work. The Russians throw themselves into the challenge with superb results.”  Moscow Ballet’s company of 40 dancers on the East and on the West performs Olympic-worthy leaps in the holiday performance for families with magical toys, falling snow and a growing Christmas tree. The tour travels to 77 cities from November 8 to December 30 in Canada and the U.S. (See schedule below) Go to for complete tour and company information. Read more

Moscow Ballet announces 3rd record breaking season in a row

(BERKSHIRES, Mass.) January 10, 2013– Moscow Ballet announces record-breaking season for the 77 city, 2 month tour, and is honored with second visit of First Family at Bethesda performances. Audiences from NYC to LA and Puerto Rico to Calgary came out in record numbers to see “Great Russian Nutcracker,” “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty” or “Swan Lake”. Produced and represented by Talmi Entertainment, the 21st annual tour broke its own sales records increasing gross revenue 23%, the third straight year of increase. Sell-out performances increased to 20% of tour cities including top DMAs LA, DC, NYC and Chicago, as well as heartland towns Kearny, Shreveport and Cedar City, to name a few. Press reviews confirm artistic excellence of the 2 simultaneously touring companies of 40 Russian dancers each: LA Times, “Disarmingly poetic…bravura expertise.” Arkansas’ Democrat-Gazette writes, “Stunning visuals…effortlessness dancing…full of joyful energy.” Talmi Entertainment producers attribute the tour’s stellar success to delivering high quality dancershigh production values and community engagement outreach by Moscow Ballet company members including: Creative Development Residency with Broadway director James Warwick; live Musical Wunderkind in 14 tour cities and 500 Latta S.C. school children experience New Horizons-A Children’s Program for Life. Read more

Announcing Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker 2014 - a national Christmas tradition presented in over 75 cities across the country

(Berkshires, MA)Apr 8, 2014 – Moscow Ballet’s acclaimed Great Russian Nutcrackeris the holiday event for families from New York to LA and Miami to Chicago. The popular production features a company of 40 world-class Russian artists bringing the charming Nutcracker Christmas story to life. “Bravura expertise,” says the Los Angeles Times, “Expansive, elegantly generous,” from the New York Times and “Sweet,” Dallas Morning News. Young and old love the Christmas tree that grows to 50 feet, the mischievous mice and life-sized Russian Matrushka (nesting) Dolls. Exclusive to the Moscow Ballet productionis the “Dove of Peace,” a role created by 2 dancers moving as one to create a 20 foot, feathered wingspan; Russian folk legends Father Christmas/Ded Moroz and Snow Maiden/Snegurochka who escort Masha and Nutcracker Prince to the Land of Peace and Harmony; and the whimsical 10 foot tall silk puppets which elicit giggles in Act II. New in 2014 is an authentic and traditional Russian Christmas puppet play. Wearing intricately detailed costumes, with shimmering Swarovski crystals, the award-winning principal dancers and corps de ballet bring Tchaikovsky’s master score and the holiday season to life!Performances run in over 75 cities from November through December, find one near you at Read more

Moscow Ballet dancers dedicate 2014 North American Tour to World Peace

(Berkshires, MA) Aug 15, 2014– Moscow Ballet dancers advocate for world peace through a physical presence at Maidan Square and Tahrir Square and, since 1993, through Great Russian Nutcracker performances. In 2014 principal ballerina Olga Kifyak takes a stand at Maidan Square with a white rose of peace as seen above; 2013 soloist Olga Aru, at Tahrir Square during Arab Spring uprising, narrowly avoided bullets coming in studio windows, subsequently being evacuated. For 23 years the Dove of Peace is celebratedin each performance of Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker. Hailing from all corners of former Soviet Union, Moscow Ballet artists dance in US from NYC to LA, and San Juan to Calgary for world peace, as they have done since Talmi Entertainment (TE) first brought Russian dancers to North America in the 1980’s. Read more