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Moscow Ballet Repertory Overview
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Great Russian Nutcracker is acclaimed for exquisite classically trained Russian dancers and spectacular sets and costumes. Whimsical and imaginative storytelling blend with the richness of Russian classical dance to make the Great Russian Nutcracker a memorable holiday treat for all. The cast of 40 professional dancers for each tour, over 200 elaborate costumes and 10 sets make this production one of the most elaborate to be seen!

Swan Lake, one of the world’s most famous ballets, is staged by former Ballet Master Vladimir Troschenko, a former partner to legendary Russian ballerinas Nadia Pavlova, Ludmilla Seminyaka and Galina Mezentseva. With a cherished score by Tchaikovsky, Troschenko has created a moving sculpture garden where Russian passion governs in the statuesque bearing of the many male dancers, and the exquisite long lines of the women, all attacking each step with enviable Russian precision.

Romeo and Juliet premiered in 2011 with all new choreography by Ballet Master Andrei Litvinov, and new costumes and sets created in Moscow and designed by Renaissance expert Arthur Oliver. Set to Prokofiev’s incomparable score, audiences across the U.S. and Canada enjoy principal dancers Alexandra Elagina and Anatolie Ustimov who portray the quintessential lovers with youthful charm, emotional depth and masterful technique. Litvinov choreographed the production drawing from his experiences dancing for legendary Yuri Grigorovich and modernist Radu Poklitaru.

Sleeping Beauty is a stunning, colorful and charming re-telling of the classic fairy tale and love story. This production showcases the Russian dancers’ strength in leaps, beauty of the classic lines and charm in the telling of the story. The ballet features acclaimed and award-winning dancers; Princess Aurora, Prince Desire, the Blue Bird pas de deux, Little Red Riding Hood, the evil fairy Carabosse, and more. The dancing combined with the lavish costumes, sets made in the grand Russian theatrical style and Tchaikovsky’s beloved score offer a performance experience to be remembered and cherished.

Cinderella, with 400 lavish costumes, a magical set, and breathtaking folkloric backgrounds, is an enchanting experience that proves dreams do come true. True to the age-old fairy tale, Moscow Ballet’s Cinderella features a very bossy, unlikable Stepmother and two very vain stepsisters. Cinderella tries to befriend them, but her efforts are thwarted by their jealousy. The ballet is based on the fairy tale written by the great French storyteller Charles Perrault, who also authored Sleeping Beauty, Puss and Boots, and Blue Beard.


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