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January 4, 2010 - Moscow Ballet finishes successful 2010 tour to 70 cities in 60 days



Moscow Ballet finishes successful 2010 tour to 70 cities in 60 days

Multiple sell-outs and rave reviews buck the current live entertainment industry trends


Moscow Ballet’s Elagina & Ustimov               Sergey Chumakov & Elena Petrachenko     Cristina & Alexei Terentiev 

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(BERKSHIRES, Mass.) January 4, 2010Moscow Ballet finished its 18th annual tour of the Great Russian Nutcracker and Swan Lake to sold-out performances and rave reviews. On a tour of mostly “one-offs” to its usual 70 cities, 15% were sell-outs and the tour grossed a profit.  Sell-outs were in cities in the top 20 DMAs; Los Angeles, Cleveland, Detroit and Tampa Bay. Others were in smaller markets, which responded well to the internationally touring ballet production, including Fargo, Farmington and Grand Junction and two, were not performances of the popular holiday ballet the Nutcracker but of Swan Lake, in Surrey/Vancouver and Medicine Hat, in Canada.  Five were in cities that were new to the tour. One new city, Durham NC, benefitted from extensive community support (Durham Arts Council, Carolina Dance Academy, Durham’s Children Choir, Duke University) contributing to a sell-out weeks in advance of the performance date. The sell-out performance in Detroit is Moscow Ballet’s second at the Fox Theatre in two consecutive years in a market that is seriously challenged by the recession. Moscow Ballet Director of Marketing Randall Peltier comments, “Since 4th quarter 2008, the recession has not had a noticeable impact on Moscow Ballet except for ticket sales being very last minute. We think this is due in part to touring for nearly 20 consecutive years and to building a holiday tradition for families.”  

Moscow Ballet performs in 1500-3000 seat theatres that are traditional community venues and every effort is made to connect with the local community including offering training by members of the company and performance experience to local dancers. Charitable organizations such as the National Multiple Sclerosis Society co-promote performances and plan local fund raisers around them.  Competition for the 4th quarter dollar is intense and in many markets there were many other versions of the holiday ballet. In Dallas, for example, 13 different Nutcrackers were advertised in the 4th quarter issue of North Texas Dance.  Earlier this year Ticketmaster’s Ron Tuck forecast that the live entertainment industry was trending at 15% below 2009 in the 4th quarter.  Moscow Ballet founder and executive director Akiva Talmi has a long history of developing innovative marketing for the live entertainment industry and continuously responds to market demands with new and creative approaches.  “Having Cristina and Alexei Terentiev, 2008 IBC Varna Gold Medalist dancers, other superlative soloists on the tour this year and our usual top notch cast of 80 corps members was a definite boon.  Even if audiences aren’t ballet aficionados, they recognize excellence in dance when they experience it. In addition, as NY Times chief dance critic Alastair Macaulay recently wrote, the Nutcracker appeal is nationwide and cross generational.  We are honored to have such a remarkable public response to our tour this season.” concludes Talmi.  The organization is booking 2011,’12 and ‘13 seasons now and can be reached at or 800-320-1733 or

East Tour – Great Russian Nutcracker

West Point          NY         11/13

Wilkes Barre       PA          11/14

Paducah               KY           11/16

Birmingham        AL           11/17

*Meridian           MS         11/18

Dallas                    TX           11/19-21            

*Stephenville    TX           11/22

*Alma                   AR          11/23

Little Rock           AR          11/24

Muskegon          MI          11/26

Indianapolis        IN           11/27

Knoxville              TN          11/28

Memphis             TN          11/29

*Blacksburg        VA          12/1

Charleston          WV         12/2

Youngstown       OH          12/3

*Easton                                PA                12/4

*Verona              NY          12/5

Rochester           NY          12/7

Bethesda             MD         12/8-9

*Somerville        NJ           12/10

Baltimore            MD         12/11-12

Charlottesville   VA          12/13-14

Virginia Beach    VA          12/15-16

Cleveland            OH          12/17

Rosemont           IL             12/18

Detroit                  MI          12/19

*Ashland             KY           12/20

Asheville              NC          12/21

Durham                NC          12/22

N Charleston      SC           12/23

Sarasota               FL            12/26

Lakeland              FL            12/27

St  Petersburg   FL            12/28-29

*tickets not available through


West Tour – Swan Lake and Great Russian Nutcracker

Surrey, BC           CAN       11/4

^Medicine Hat  CAN       11/6

^*Saskatoon      CAN       11/9-10

^*Regina             CAN       11/11-12

^*Edmonton     CAN       11/15-16

Butte                   MN        11/18

Yakima                WA          11/19

^*Bellingham     WA        11/20

^Missoula           MT         11/21

^*Calgary            CAN       11/22-23

*Lake of Torches WI    11/26-27

Fargo                     ND          11/28

^*Winnipeg       CAN       11/29

^Thunder Bay    CAN       11/30

Grand Forks       ND          12/1

Rochester           MN        12/2

Minneapolis       MN        12/3-4

Cedar Rapids      IA            12/5

Sioux City            IA           12/7

Cheyenne           WY         12/8

Casper                  WY         12/9

Denver                 CO          12/10-11

Grand Junction CO          12/12

Farmington         NM        12/13-14

*Albuquerque  NM        12/15

Bakersfield CA   CA          12/16

Cupertino            CA          12/17

Santa Rosa          CA          12/18

*La Mirada          CA          12/19

San Diego            CA          12/20

Tucson                  AZ           12/21

*Phoenix             AR          12/22

El Paso                  TX           12/23

San Antonio       TX           12/26

Lake Charles       LA           12/27

New Orleans      LA           12/28

Panama City       FL            12/29

*tickets not available through

^denotes Swan Lake performance



Moscow Ballet - History
Moscow Ballet is known for its annual, touring Great Russian Nutcracker and full-length productions of the classic story-ballets; Swan Lake, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and others. Created by award-winning Juilliard alumnus, composer/conductor and theatrical producer, Akiva Talmi, the organization evolved out of Talmi’s all-star Russian "Glasnost Festival Tour" (1986-92). Moscow Ballet made its debut in 1993 with the Great Russian Nutcracker which was directed and choreographed by soloist Stanislav Vlasov of the Russian Bolshoi Theatre. In 1994, Moscow Ballet invited the Moscow State Theatre of Natalia Sats, and the theatre's full orchestra, to expand the company to an 88-artist tour which was billed as the "19th Century Classical Nutcracker." In 2003, Moscow Ballet announced the appointment Vladimir Troshchenko, director of Odessa State Ballet and a pivotal figure in the ballet world, as Ballet Master and in 2010 Andre Litvinov joined as co-Ballet Master. Moscow Ballet continues to feature top graduates of Perm, Vaganova, Moscow State Academic Choreographic and Kiev schools in its productions. 

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