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Jan 5, 2012 - Akiva Talmi Presents concludes Moscow Ballet’s North American tour with critical acclaim, sell-outs in top DMAs & 1300 happy school kids!

Akiva Talmi Presents concludes Moscow Ballet’s North American tour with critical acclaim, sell-outs in top DMAs & 1300 happy school kids!
“New Horizons – A Children’s Program for Life” comes to life at the hands of the Moscow Ballet dancers

Moscow Ballet’s Elagina and Ustimov


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(BERKSHIRES, Mass.) January 5, 2012Akiva Talmi Presents Inc. (ATP) announces a highly successful conclusion to the 2011 tour of Moscow Ballet featuring the acclaimed Great Russian Nutcracker, an all new production of Romeo and Juliet; sell-outs and standing ovations; and the debut of “New Horizons – A Children’s Program for Life.” The tour consisted of 100 performances in 70 cities across the US and Canada over 60 days from November 7 to December 29. Over 100,000 patrons enjoyed the performances in large and small markets; sophisticated Washington DC/Bethesda patrons bought out two nights at Strathmore Music Hall, in California entertainment fans at Los Angeles’ La Mirada Theatre bought-out 2 performances, San Antonio’s historic Majestic Theatre sold-out two performances, as did Charlottesville VA and Sarasota FL. Single performance sell-outs include the 3000 seat Fox Theatre in Detroit, Chicago’s 4000 plus Rosemont Theatre, Midland-Odessa TX, Shreveport LA, Grand Junction CO, Gettysburg PA, and Gadsden AL. In a challenging and unpredictable economy, Akiva Talmi Presents Inc consistently delivers unparalleled artistry on their tours and box office winners to venue presenters and audiences alike. ATP is booking 2012, 13 and 14 and can be reached at or 800-320-1733.

The simultaneously touring companies are acclaimed by the press for the high quality of dancing and the production values for both the Great Russian Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet. The East Coast company featured returning acclaimed soloists Alexandra Elagina and Anatolie Ustimov. NY Times Chief Dance Critic Alastair Macaulay calls Elagina “Brimful with feeling,” St Paul-Minneapolis’ Pioneer Press writer Rob Hubbard wrote, “Elagina and Ustimov kept most of the great classical duets for their own. Both were exceptional.” The West Coast company debuted Karyna Shatkovskaya and Vladimir Tkachenko in the leads and featured returning stars Sergey Chumakov and Elena Petrachenko in the Arabian Variation. In 2010 NY called Chumakov a “Knock-out dancer” and the show “Steeped in Russian flavor” in 2011. Dallas TheatreJones wrote, “Technically flawless…intricate, yet effortless.” From the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, “Spectacular” and Baltimore Sun’s Carolyn Keleman agrees, ““For sheer splendor and elegant dancing, nothing tops Moscow Ballet's "Great Russian Nutcracker." The dancers arrived in the US in early November from Russia, and returned December 30.

In addition to the tour ATP premiered its three-pronged children’s wellness programNew Horizons – A Children’s Program for Life.” The program uses a “three-pronged” approach to a child’s health: addressing diet, exercise and creative expression through unique, interactive experiences rooted in the cultural and performing arts. Through the New Horizons program, children experience healthy, creative and successful role models in the Russian dancers. Creativity, health and wellness through the lens of classical ballet is a unique and potentially life-changing experience for many children which Moscow Ballet dancers can provide in over 60 cities across North America. The New Horizons program also brings funds to the communities it serves, and can assist in the revitalization of a city’s arts and theatre districts. While the company has offered bits of the concept at stops along its current tour, St Petersburg FL marks the debut of the full-scale version of the program for 1300 Pasco County elementary school children. "This is the first time they've (Moscow Ballet) done something of this magnitude," said Mary Grey, the district's supervisor of child care educational programs. "It really blends with what we're doing in Pasco County," she said. "It sets the stage thinking about health and nutrition." To learn more about the program call 800-320-1733 x21.

Akiva Talmi Presents Inc. (ATP) is known for its full-length productions of the classic story-ballets; Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the acclaimed Great Russian Nutcracker as danced by Moscow Ballet. ATP debuted Moscow Ballet in North America in the original Great Russian Nutcracker, which was directed and choreographed by soloist Stanislav Vlasov of the famous Bolshoi Theater, in 1993. Prior to that ATP produced the 1984 “Cynthia Gregory National Tour” with Nancy Reagan as Honorary Chair; NPR TV special featuring NYCB’s Violette Verdi and violinist Itzhak Perlman, the 1981 “Alexander Godunov Retrospective Ballet Tour,” the all-star Russian "Glasnost Festival Tour" (1989-92) and more. ATP was created by award-winning Juilliard alumnus, composer/conductor and theatrical producer, Akiva Talmi. Talmi holds a BS and MA from the Juilliard School in Music Composition. He is a recipient of the Metropolitan Opera Guild Award, the Richard Rogers Award (5 times over 5 years), Leonard Bernstein Award, and the AICF Award - Isaac Stern, President. He composed the score for feature length films "Two" (CoImar), "Longest Journey" (Columbia), and for “Carnival” and “From the Top” (CPTV).


  East Dates Day City as of 10-07-11
E Nov. 10 Thur. Great Barrington MA
E Nov. 11 Fri. Great Barrington MA
E Nov. 12 Sat. Albany NY
E Nov. 13 Sun. Rochester NY
E Nov. 14 Mon. Virginia Beach VA
E Nov. 15 Tue. Virginia Beach VA
E Nov. 17 Thur. Tulsa OK
E Nov. 18 Fri. Dallas TX
E Nov. 19 Sat. Dallas TX
E Nov. 20 Sun. Little Rock AR
E Nov. 21 Mon. Mountain Home AR
E Nov. 22 Tue. Shreveport LA
E Nov. 23 Wed. Meridian MS
E Nov. 25 Fri. Gadsden AL
E Nov. 26 Sat. Knoxville TN
E Nov. 27 Sun. Franklin NC
E Nov. 28 Mon. Youngstown OH
E Nov. 29 Tue. Evansville IN
E Nov. 30 Wed. St Louis, MO
E Dec. 01 Thur. St Louis, MO
E Dec. 02 Fri. Morgantown WV
E Dec. 03 Sat. Somerville NJ
E Dec. 04 Sun. Syracuse NY
E Dec. 05 Mon. Lockport NY
E Dec. 06 Tue. Lockport NY
E Dec. 07 Wed. Lakewood NJ
E Dec. 08 Thur. Easton PA
E Dec. 09 Fri. Cleveland OH
E Dec. 10 Sat. Rosemont IL
E Dec. 11 Sun. Detroit MI
E Dec. 12 Mon. Gettysburg PA
E Dec. 13 Tue. Fairfax VA
E Dec. 14 Wed. Fairfax VA
E Dec. 15 Thur. Bethesda MD
E Dec. 16 Fri. Bethesda MD
E Dec. 17 Sat. Baltimore MD
E Dec. 18 Sun. Baltimore MD
E Dec. 19 Mon. Asheville NC
E Dec. 20 Tue. N. Charleston SC
E Dec. 21 Wed. Charlottesville VA
E Dec. 22 Thurs. Charlottesville VA
E Dec. 23 Fri. Columbia SC
E Dec. 26 Mon. St. Petersburg FL
E Dec. 27 Tue. St. Petersburg FL
E Dec. 28 Wed. Sarasota FL
E Dec. 29 Thurs. Lakeland FL
  West Dates Day City as of 10-07-11
W Nov. 7,8,9 Mn-Wd Montreal
W Nov. 11,12,13 Fr-Sn Wenatchee, WA
W Nov. 15 Tue. Calgary AB
W Nov. 16 Wed. Calgary AB
W Nov. 17 Thu Kamloops BC
W Nov. 19 Sat. Missoula MT
W Nov. 20 Sun. Bellingham WA
W Nov. 21 Mon. Nanaimo BC
W Nov. 23 Wed. Edmonton AB
W Nov. 24 Thu. Edmonton AB
W Nov. 25 Fri. Saskatoon SK
W Nov. 26 Sat. Saskatoon SK
W Nov. 27 Sun. Prince Albert SK
W Nov. 28 Mon. Regina SK
W Nov. 29 Tue. Regina SK
W Nov. 30 Wed. Grand Forks ND
W Dec. 01 Thu Milwaukee WI
W Dec. 02 Fri. Minneapolis MN
W Dec. 03 Sat. Minneapolis MN
W Dec. 04 Sun. Indianapolis IN
W Dec. 05 Mon. Galesburg IL
W Dec. 06 Tue. Galesburg IL
W Dec. 07 Wed. Leavenworth KS
W Dec. 08 Thu Wichita KS
W Dec. 09 Fri. Denver CO
W Dec. 10 Sat. Denver CO
W Dec. 11 Sun. Farmington NM
W Dec. 12 Mon. Grand Junction CO
W Dec. 13 Tue. Cedar City UT
W Dec. 14 Wed. Rancho Mirage CA
W Dec. 15 Thu Santa Ynez CA
W Dec. 16 Fri. Cupertino CA
W Dec. 17 Sat. Santa Rosa CA
W Dec. 18 Sun. La Mirada CA
W Dec. 19 Mon. San Diego CA
W Dec. 20 Tue. Phoenix AZ
W Dec. 22 Thu Tucson AZ
W Dec. 23 Fri. El Paso TX
W Dec. 26 Mon. Odessa-Midland TX
W Dec. 27 Tue. San Antonio TX
W Dec. 28 Wed. San Antonio TX
W Dec. 29 Thu New Orleans LA


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