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Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker History

Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker


Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker has toured for as the largest Russian ballet tour traveling across North America. Averaging 100 performances during November and December, this coast-to-coast attraction combines the highest caliber of Russian ballet, cutting edge production values and the traditional appeal that consistently fills the theater.With larger than life puppets, 10 hand painted backdrops, and 200 hundred original costumes, the Great Russian Nutcracker is the most spectacular Christmas celebration on the market.

ATP Inc’s "Glasnost Festival Tour" with its all-star Russian cast by gaining permission to tour the artists of several Russian State agencies during the era of maximum publicity, openness, and transparency in the activities of all government institutions in the Soviet Union. Moscow Ballet evolved out of this tour.

Moscow Ballet made its official debut with an all-star Russian cast presenting the Great Russian Nutcracker, directed and choreographed by Stanislav Vlasov, soloist with Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre. The group embarked on a six-week, eight-city tour featuring major cities across the U.S.

Moscow Ballet invited the Moscow State Academic Children’s Music Theatre Named After Natalia Sats and the theatre's full orchestra to expand to an 88-artist tour with its signature production The 19th Century Classical Nutcracker. The Natalia Sats Theater is the world's first professional theater for children and perhaps best known internationally as the birthplace of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf.

Moscow Ballet invites GITIS, the National Russian Dance Teacher’s College to partner for the annual Great Russian Nutcracker tours.

Moscow Ballet announced the appointment of choreographic upstart Anatoly Emelianov, winner of the Diagelev award, as artistic director with Vladimir Troshchenko, director of Odessa State Ballet. Two companies of 40 dancers each tour across North America and Canada to about 70 cities.

2009 and 2010
The Great Russian Nutcracker tour features 2008 IBC Varna Gold Medalists’ Cristina and Alexei Terentiev, soloists with the Odessa State Ballet. | p: 413.499.1733 | f: 413.499.3820
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