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Voice of Russia Radio Features Moscow Ballet Producer Akiva Talmi!

Learn more about Moscow Ballet Producer/Founder Akiva Talmi below in a recent interview with Voice of Russia Pop Culture producer Rob Sachs! The interview was conducted following the July 17 National Press Club (NPC)Newsmakers event in Washington DC that featured legendary Russian Choreographer and Ballet Master Oleg Vinogradov—the event was presented by NPC and hosted by Akiva Talmi Presents (ATP), which produces the annual Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker tour. In this radio interview, Mr. Talmi, founder of ATP, discusses the evolution of Glasnost where ATP presented several multi-city ballet tours, as well as the state of Russian ballet, his time with defected Russian dancers and artists, and his time working with Russian ballet superstars, including Alexander Godunov.

Listen now below!

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“Knockout! Expansive! Elegantly generous!” — New York Times — “Kids were wide-eyed with delight!”
Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker is a Christmas tradition and visual feast that creates lifelong memories for the whole family! The special 20th Anniversary production of Great Russian Nutcracker in 2012 overflows with a spectacular new "Dove of Peace," where 2 dancers become one stunning bird, inspired by the early works of Stanislov Vlasov, original choreographer and director of Moscow Ballet's inaugural Great Russian Nutcracker. The production also features a Christmas tree that grows to 7 stories tall; falling snow and Troika-styled sleigh escorted by Russian folk characters Ded Moroz (Father Christmas) and Snegurochka (Snow Maiden); towering hand-made silk puppets; 200 all new, lavish costumes; and 9 hand-painted backdrops, all set to Pyotr Tchaikovsky's complete Nutcracker Suite score.

Akiva Talmi, producer
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2014 Press Releases

Moscow Ballet announces returning and premiering principal dancers in acclaimed Great Russian Nutcracker in over 35 eastern US cities

Moscow Ballet award-winning principal dancers, hailing from the world’s best ballet colleges, premiere in North America on the 2014 World Peace tour.

Moscow Ballet announces North American premiere of principal dancers in acclaimed Great Russian Nutcracker, in western cities of US and Canada

Moscow Ballet principal dancers, who hail from the world’s best ballet colleges and companies, premiere in North America on the 2014 World Peace tour.

Moscow Ballet and the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra Pair Up For Unprecedented Commonwealth Tour

Moscow Ballet and University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra have choreographed a unique pas de deux, of sorts, for a three-city Kentucky tour of the Great Russian Nutcracker.

Armed Services Personnel & Family Receive Discounted Tickets to Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker in over 70 Cities!

America’s armed forces ofactive and inactive personnel, and their families, are invited to experience the holiday tradition of Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker at discounted prices.


Moscow Ballet dancers dedicate 2014 North American Tour to World Peace

Moscow Ballet dancers advocate for world peace through a physical presence at Maidan Square and Tahrir Square and, since 1993, through Great Russian Nutcracker performances.

Moscow Ballet presents all new Top 10 Holiday Gifts – distinctive, traditional and appealing to all ages

Not only does Moscow Ballet feature award-winning and acclaimed dancers in over 75 North American cities each November and December, but there are also many gift items that are created exclusively for Moscow Ballet; distinctive, traditional and MB-branded.

Announcing Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker 2014 - a national Christmas tradition presented in over 75 cities across the country

Moscow Ballet’s acclaimed Great Russian Nutcrackeris the holiday event for families from New York to LA and Miami to Chicago.The popular production features a company of 40 world-class Russian artists bringing the charming Nutcracker Christmas story to life.

Moscow Ballet and the Olympics – where ballet and sports intersect

Have you seen Moscow Ballet’s Facebook and Pinterest posts of side-by-side images showing just how much ballet and sports reflect each other? One can easily see results of ballet training in many of the Olympic athletes, and athletic strength and versatility in the Moscow Ballet dancers.

Moscow Ballet announces 3rd record breaking season in a row

Moscow Ballet announces record-breaking season for the 77 city, 2 month tour, and is honored with second visit of First Family at Bethesda performances.

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