Sergey Chumakov and Elena Petrichenko in Arabian Variation

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Ava meets Moscow Ballet courtesy of Eye Opener TV


“Dance with Us” students go back stage with the professionals



Great Russian Nutcracker tours Calgary with resplendently detailed, colourful production


President Obama at Moscow Ballet Rehearsal


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National Press Club- Olga Kifyak


Olga Kifyak performing, Fedro Ouspensky accompanys

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Voice of Russia Radio Features Moscow Ballet Producer Akiva Talmi!

Learn more about Moscow Ballet Producer/Founder Akiva Talmi below in a recent interview with Voice of Russia Pop Culture producer Rob Sachs! The interview was conducted following the July 17 National Press Club (NPC)Newsmakers event in Washington DC that featured legendary Russian Choreographer and Ballet Master Oleg Vinogradov—the event was presented by NPC and hosted by Akiva Talmi Presents (ATP), which produces the annual Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker tour. In this radio interview, Mr. Talmi, founder of ATP, discusses the evolution of Glasnost where ATP presented several multi-city ballet tours, as well as the state of Russian ballet, his time with defected Russian dancers and artists, and his time working with Russian ballet superstars, including Alexander Godunov.

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National Press Club- Oleg Vinogradov


Oleg Vinogradov, Marina Gendel & Akiva Talmi

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Baltimore Sun 1998



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Historic Glasnost Festival 1989-1992


Legendary Maria Ivanova

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