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Moscow Ballet Summer Fun and Winter Planning

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While ballerinas Svetlana, Olga and Carolina enjoy summer in the sun swimming, rock climbing and more, Moscow Ballet management is turning up the heat for you! It’s a good idea to plan ahead now to make your Christmas holiday outstanding, so here is a Christmas in July Specialfor our special friends! It guarantees great seats for the holiday and saves time and money too. Use code SAVE for up to 20% off Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker tickets right now! Click here and save today.

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Disclaimer: There is no discount for Moscow Ballet’s Platinum Experience and VIP tickets; SAVE code is not available in all cities on the 2014 N American tour, see page for info on each city; and SAVE code is not available for all price levels.

“Dance with Us” in 2014 ~ Sign up to Audition this Fall!  

altMoscow Ballet partners with new Host Dance Studios in several cities on the 2014 tour. Please welcome Miami’s Evolution Dance and Performing Arts; Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts; Sarasota’s Stage Door Studios; Santa Rosa’s Windsor Dance Academy and Memphis’ Studio B Dance to name just a few! The local studios help make the dream of performing in a professional ballet a reality for about 5000 young ballerinas/danseurs each year!

Click to hear what Jennifer has to say about performing live with Moscow Ballet and click to find a Moscow Ballet audition near you (more are added all summer).


Elena blogs about “Ballerinas and Summer Training Suggestions” 


The profession of a ballet dancer is associated with ongoing training, but in summer ballet schools in Russia and the U.S. are usually closed. Students who are serious about their ballet lessons wonder, “How can we stay in good shape in the summer? What can we do?” First of all, some rest is necessary because the life of a professional ballet dancer is full of physical activity and psychological pressure too.  On the other hand, Agrippina Vaganova noted that ballet exercises in the summer can be very useful, provided students have good coaching. It is true that students must exercise to maintain their flexibility and stretching, otherwise even 2 weeks are enough to lose some physical shape gained over the year. But if students try to improve their stretch without an instructor, they can get injured.

“Knyazev’s Gymnastics” is popular in Russia and is a specific set of floor exercises that develop flexibility, stretching and strengthen muscles.  It is suitable for beginning students and pre-professionals, and it can be implemented without a teacher but be sure to follow the sequence of Knyazev’s exercises.  For developing strength and endurance it is useful to jog (between 1 and 2 miles).  It is also useful to eat well but lightly and to stay slim. “Summer Intensives” are very popular because they provide ballet students the opportunity to make progress under the supervision of highly qualified teachers. Similar goals can be achieved through private ballet lessons. Despite all these opportunities, summer and holiday students should not forget that taking a break on holidays is necessary, as this will help to release new powers and positive emotions so essential in the art of ballet!

Don’t have a dance lessons this summer? Moscow Ballet is an advocate for the President’s Challenge program which gives guidelines for everyone to get in shape.


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