Moscow Ballet dancers dedicate 2014 North American Tour to World Peace

Moscow Ballet dancers dedicate 2014 North American Tour to World Peace

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Olga Kifyak in Kiev 2014                 Stanislav Vlasov Dove 1957 2012 Dove of Peace by Chumakov & Petrichenko

(Berkshires, MA) Aug 15, 2014– Moscow Ballet dancers advocate for world peace through a physical presence at Maidan Square and Tahrir Square and, since 1993, through Great Russian Nutcracker performances. In 2014 principal ballerina Olga Kifyak takes a stand at Maidan Square with a white rose of peace as seen above; 2013 soloist Olga Aru, at Tahrir Square during Arab Spring uprising, narrowly avoided bullets coming in studio windows, subsequently being evacuated. For 23 years the Dove of Peace is celebratedin each performance of Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker. Hailing from all corners of former Soviet Union, Moscow Ballet artists dance in US from NYC to LA, and San Juan to Calgary for world peace, as they have done since Talmi Entertainment (TE) first brought Russian dancers to North America in the 1980’s.

From Bolshoi Ballet superstar Alexander Gudunov’s first American tour and Valentina Kozlova’s ”Leap to Freedom Tour” and NYC Balletcareer in the early 1980’s until 2014’s Peace Tour, Talmi Entertainment (agent for these artists) consistently works for world peace. 1989 to 1992saw collapse of the “Iron Curtain” making it possible, for the first time, for TE to produce the International Glasnost Festival Tours featuring premiere Russian artists such as Prima Ballerina Assoluta Tatiana Chernobrovkina and Vadim Bondar of Stanislavski, Margarita Kullick and Vladimir Kim of Kirov, Jana Kurova and Stanislav Fecho of Czechoslovakia State Ballet and many more, which American audiences had never seen.

A decade later, in 1993, Talmi Entertainment’s Great Russian Nutcracker premiered in N America. Choreographed by Honored Artist of Russia and Bolshoi soloist Stanislav Vlasov, it featured the non-traditional storyline of peace: Masha and Nutcracker are welcomed to the “Land of Peace and Harmony,” traditionally called the Land of Sweets and are escorted by the “Dove of Peace,” a character exclusive to Moscow Ballet and conceived for a female soloist. The next year TE brought Natalia Satz’, known for producing “Peter and the Wolf” in collaboration with Sergei Prokofiev, Children’s Theatre of Moscow on tour. Satz personally invited future ballet stars and Perm Ballet School graduates Sergey Chumakov and Elena Petrichenko as principal dancers and twenty years, later New York Times Chief Dance Critic Alastair Macaulay declares, “Knockout male dancer Sergey Chumakov…when partnering Elena Petrachenko…confers an unusual thrill.” In 1998 Moscow Ballet again advocated for peace on behalf of freedom fighter and St Petersburg Parliament member Galina Staravoitovna via the Baltimore Sun.  

For the 20th anniversary production of the Great Russian Nutcracker in 2012, Chumakov and Petrichenko, inspired by the 1957 Carnegie Hall performance of Vlasov and Sabitova as a dove (during US Tour of the Bolshoi Ballet presented by legendary impresario Sol Hurok) created and premiered Moscow Ballet’s 2 person “Dove of Peace” (w/20’ wingspan) to critical acclaim.Continuing Moscow Ballet’s tradition of seeking artistic freedom and cultural sharing, the touring company, who hail from the major Russian Ballet houses including Kazan, Stanislavsky, Perm, Kiev, Bolshoi, Odessa and more, dedicate the 2014 tour of Great Russian Nutcracker to world peace.


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