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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities


Operations and Marketing Manager

Moscow Ballet / Talmi Entertainment seeks a motivated and entrepreneurial individual to assume management of operational details and 3rd party marketing initiatives. Talmi Entertainment promotes Moscow Ballet performances in 70 cities in the US and Canada with over 100 performances each year. Operational responsibilities will include management of vendor relationships in all areas of tour production from logistics and transportation to merchandise acquisition. 
Marketing responsibilities will include seeking out new third party partners in markets across the US and Canada and executing deals from start to finish. After potential third parties have been identified, Ops/Marketing Manager will build tailored marketing decks, outlining specific proposals for collaboration. Ops/Marketing Manager will be responsible for negotiating and finalizing contracts with new partners. Ops/Marketing Manager will be responsible for final implementation and execution of any secured deals/contracts. 
  • 4 year college degree in related field
  • Ability to commute to Pittsfield, MA daily
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Demonstrable experience in related Entertainment / Marketing fields

To Apply:
Send your cover letter and resume to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING
Please note an annual wage range you expect.

Ballet Partnerships Director

Moscow Ballet seeks a dance administrator, educated in ballet and familiar with the language of choreography. The successful candidate will be well versed in the economics of ‘Nutcracker’ and will have an understanding of how to work with ballet schools and studios. 
The Ballet Partnerships Director is expected to be able to communicate on an artistic level and on a business level with Moscow Ballet’s American partners. Artistic elements revolve around choreography, auditions, costumes and other aspects of performance, while business elements will focus on logistics of travel, scheduling and developing new marketing initiatives as they relate to third party ballet partners.
  • Ability to work from Pittsfield, MA
  • 4 year degree in related field
  • Experience working with classical ballet schools or dance companies
  • Ability to manage dozens of account relationships and contracts
  • Excellent communication skills
Send resumes and cover letters to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING


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