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FAQ for Teachers

FAQ for Teachers

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We are very pleased to be working with over 50 Host Dance Studios across North America to facilitate bringing student dancers to work side-by-side with the professionals in a Moscow Ballet production. Performing side-by-side with the professional Russian company can be an experience of a lifetime for aspiring young dancers!

In order to make this process as smooth and successful as possible for dance teacher and the youth cast, there are several important documents that will answer many questions about the process.

All Teachers - Please open and carefully read the 6 attached documents:

- Rehearsal & Performance Policies

- Moscow Ballet & Host Studio Policies

- Youth Cast Breakdown

- Youth Costume Breakdown

- Costume Fitting Process

- Additional Information for the Day of Show

-View choreography videos below- Click here to see the videos in a playlist


FAQ for Students

FAQ for Students

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Performing side-by-side with the professional Russian company can be an experience of a lifetime for aspiring dancers!

You will rehearse with the Host Dance Studio in your city for many weeks and then attend Dress Rehearsal with the company in the performance venue.

In order to make this process as smooth and successful as possible, there are three important documents here that will answer many questions you may have about the process.

Please open and carefully read the 5 attached documents:

- Additional Information for day of Performance

- Costume Fitting Procedure

- Rehearsal & Performance Process

- Youth Costume Breakdown

- School Absence Letter

FAQ - Cast Breakdown

*Please note: Boys may be used wherever possible.


Act I: Party and Forest scenes

12 Party Guests
Ages 8–11
6 girls & 6 boys (or girls dressed as boys)

10 Mice
Ages 8–12
No taller than 5 feet.

12 Little Snowflakes
Ages 7–8
Must have ballet training.

12 Angels Ages 8–11
Graduated heights from smallest to tallest.
No taller than 5 feet.

4 Butterflies Ages 12–early teens
Must be taller.
Off Pointe unless very strong on Pointe.



Act II: Variations
Corps de Ballet with Moscow Ballet Soloists

*Student dancers cannot be taller than 5'2".

2 dancers, ages 8–10
Optional: 2 older dancers, ages 12–16, on Pointe

2 dancers, ages 8–10
Optional: 2 older dancers, ages 12–16, on Pointe

2 dancers, ages 8–10
Optional: 2 older dancers, ages 12–16 (allegro dancers)

2 dancers, ages 12–16
Pointe optional
Involves floor work

2 dancers, ages 7–8

Ballet Tutorials

Get a Taste of the Vaganova Ballet Method with Moscow Ballet Ballerinas!

Learn from the 300 year tradition of the Russian Masters


Available for the first time, get a taste of the Vaganova method with Moscow Ballet artists online! Svetlana Todinova, soloist and Audition Director for Moscow Ballet, demonstrates elements of the Russian Vaganova style ballet class.


Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker features student dancers in roles made especially for them, click to learn how to participate in the “Dance with Us” program.  Develop your ballet skills and sign up to audition to perform with the company of 40 professionals on the next North American tour!  Click here to find the current audition dates.


Do you like Svetlana’s outfit? She is wearing Natalie Dance Wear available at


Vaganova Beginner Pointers

Vaganova Intermediate Pointers

Vaganova Advanced Pointers

“[Moscow Ballet principals]…partnered beautifully and executed their solos with aristocratic finesse”  Cleveland Plain Dealer, Donald Rosenberg


FAQ - Costume & Attire

Costume, Shoes and Tights Information

All costumes are provided by Moscow Ballet.
Each child must provide her/his own tights, ballet slippers, pointe shoes, and a leotard
as undergarment.

Party Guests:
• Girls: Pink tights, pink slippers, short sleeve leotard in basic pink, white or beige
• Boys: White tights, white slippers
• Hair: Girls: Down at back sides pulled back in ponytail, bangs are acceptable.

Boys: Plain hair, neat.
Girls playing Boys: Hair in either French braid or low bun @ nape of neck.

Little Snowflakes:
• Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in a high ballet bun (this will support a headpiece)
• White or beige tank leotard as undergarment

Snow Maidens:
• White tights and white slippers

BLACK short-sleeve leotard, black tights, black ballet slippers
NO jazz shoes or PANTY HOSE PLEASE!
• Place head piece on first to determine height of twist

White, Pink or Beige tank top (NO DARK LEOTARDS)
• Pink tights and ballet slippers. Hair is in low bun

BEIGE or pink Camisole
• Pink tights, slippers or Pointe shoes
• Hair is in low bun

Younger Cast: NUDE leotard or camisole. These costumes HAVE a SHORT VEST
AND the stomach area might be exposed.

Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Arabians and French will wear:
• Girls: pink tights and pink slippers
• Boys: white tights and slippers.
• Hair: Younger: Try the head piece on first to determine height of bun or twist.
Older: In high bun.


NOTE: If ALL the children in a particular dance already have white tights and white
slippers instead of pink, that is fine. Though we prefer the MICE wear black leotards and
tights with black ballet slippers, if this presents a financial burden, ALL Mice may wear


  • Auditions

    Sign up Online Here in order to Audition

    Five easy steps...

    1. Are you eligible to audition? Please review requirements below.
    2. Scroll down to find the audition nearest you
    3. Click on the "Audition Sign-Up" link in your city
    4. Fill out the form. A copy of the form is emailed to the email you provide.
    5. PRINT out form, SIGN it and BRING it to your audition.

    Moscow Ballet casts youth dancers in ancillary roles performing side-by-side with the full Russian company. Roles for youth dancers in the Great Russian Nutcracker include Party Children, Mice, Snowflakes, Angels, Snow Maidens and more.

    Applicants must be 7 to 16 years old and a maximum of 5’2 tall.  Applicants must have at least one year of ballet experience, must register online here and must bring their printed and signed registration form to the audition.

    Applicants must be dressed in ballet attire of black leotard and pink tights - please bring pointe shoes if on pointe. A prepared piece will NOT be needed. Applicants will be notified at the audition if they have been selected and should be prepared to stay after the audition for rehearsal.

    Auditions are held in most of the 70 cities on the tour. Scroll down to find details about the audition in your city.

    “Click here to see “Dance with Us “ student in performance with the professionals.”



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