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Wunderkind Choirs

Musical Wunderkind – Youth Choirs 

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Program Overview 

Moscow Ballet is pleased to partner with Youth Choirs for Great Russian Nutcracker performances! Below please find more description about the program. Individual agreement/contracts, with performance and city details included, will also be created for each confirmed choir.

We are proud to announce that the Minneapolis Youth Choir, headed by Bob Peskin, and Kinderchor of Spokane are among the first choirs to join the Musical Wunderkind Choir program. To submit a request to participate, please e-mail JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .


National opportunity:Children Honoring Children – The Arts Make a Difference

Two choristers from each participating choir on the tour are invited to Washington D.C. in December (date tba) for the commemorative performance of the 1 year anniversary of “Children Honoring Children – The Arts Make a Difference” in recognition of the tragedy at Newtown Connecticut and President Obama’s appearance at daughter Sasha’s Moscow Ballet rehearsal hours before traveling to Newtown to comfort grieving families. Choirs will provide transportation, room and board for their respective participants. More details tba.


The Music

  • Youth Choirs will sing along with Tchaikovsky’s recorded score of “Waltz of the Snowflakes” or Valse des Flocons de Neige” for 4 minutes at the end of Act I during the Snow Forest scene.
  • Youth Choirs will also sing their holiday repertoire pre-performance in the lobby of the venue for twenty minutes starting 30 minutes prior to curtain.
  • Listen to Valse des Flocons de Neige clip here at 5 min 30sec.
  • Download sheet music here.


Choir Lobby Performance, Dress Rehearsal and Choir Tickets

  • Youth Choirs, including Choir contact person and 1-2 chaperones, will arrive at the venue 1.5 hours before curtain. The Choir will enter the venue through the front doors and proceed to the lobby area. Moscow Ballet Front of House Manager will escort Choir into lobby and then into the house for rehearsal with music.
  • The first ½ hour will be set up and rehearsal in venue lobby, the second ½ hour will be rehearsal with music in the house and the final ½ hour will be live performance in the venue lobby. Performances in the lobby are completely acapella, with no exceptions.
  • Choir members and 3 adults will each receive a complimentary ticket to the performance upon arrival at the theater form the Moscow Ballet Front of House Manager. The choir will be seated as a group and not with parents (unless parents choose to buy a second ticket for their child to sit with them for Act II)


PR Waiver, Performance Dress, and Food

  • All choir members must sign and submit a PR waiver in order to perform!
  • Download PR waiver here.
  • All choirs members will dress in either their choir’s uniform or in white shirts/blouses and black pants/skirts. A red ribbon accessory for heads and/or necks is acceptable. (No blue jeans or t-shirts, with no exceptions)
  • Choir members should arrive at the venue rested, groomed and well fed. Choristers may bring a water bottle but it may not be allowed in the house. There will not be time for a meal until after the performance which is 2 hours long.


Publicity and Playbill

Choirs are encouraged to create a cast insert (2-sided 5.5” x 8.5” sheet only) and deliver a minimum of 200 copies to the venue House Manager by noon of the performance day for stuffing into Moscow Ballet playbills.

Choirs will submit at least one image and a blurb about their choir and a bio about the choir director for use by the Moscow Ballet PR office. With this information Moscow Ballet will announce the partnership to regional press and to national press. This information will also appear on Moscow Ballet website’s “Your City” pages and in social media.



  • Moscow Ballet offers each choir the opportunity to fund-raise by receiving 10% of every ticket sold by the choir. Each participating choir will receive a code for tracing sales. Parents purchasing tickets through the above code will see the performance and benefit the choir too.
  • Upon request, Choirs will receive 100 Moscow Ballet flyers individualized for that choir and an electronic flyer.


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Advertised discounts do not necessarily apply to every Moscow Ballet performance depending on contractual agreements.


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