Group Tickets

Plan your Christmas holiday early and enjoy great seats AND SAVINGS at Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker!

Arabian Variation with Sergey Chumakov and Elena PretrachenkoGather just 10 friends, family or co-workers to save up to 20% per ticket with a group order!

Bring family, club members or work colleagues for the sweetest Christmas celebration of the season. Experience the exquisite artistry of world-class Russian dancers, playful 10’ tall puppets and the unmatched splendor of hand crafted sets and costumes.

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Three ways to inquire about group ticket pricing in your city:
-Submit the order form below and a Moscow Ballet representative will contact you.
-Call 800-320-1733 (EST)

Бланк заказа билетов на группу (Russian Group Order Form)

Chicago Tribune “Special touches… highlight is The Dove of Peace”
Baltimore Sun, Carolyn Kelemen, “Sheer splendor and elegant dancing!"


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