Church Group Tickets

Fellowship Coordinators ~ Share the Joy of Moscow Ballet's acclaimed Great Russian Nutcracker this holiday season with your groups.

Families and friends of all ages will delight at seeing this Beautiful Christmas Tradition!

Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker features award-winning dancers, a company of 40 Russian dancers, growing Christmas tree, falling snow, and Christmas spirit in every scene!

Unique to Moscow Ballet, the Dove of Peace escorts heroine Masha and the Nutcracker Prince to the “Land of Peace and Harmony” conveying a message of love and peace at this special time of year, all set to Tchaikovsky’s world famous score.

Moscow Ballet welcomes the opportunity to help raise funds and fellowship opportunities:  

•    Benefit your ministries
•    Offer special events for children’s groups
•    Create Fellowship outings for all ages celebrating Christmas

Get new and better “Breathtaking strength and awe-inspiring lifts,” Charleston

Groups of 10 or more save up to $21.50 per ticket and groups of 50 or more receive 2 complimentary tickets. Groups can hold seats in a specific area or can have a code allowing individuals to purchase tickets on their own, and choose their price range and seating area.

“I look forward to seeing Moscow Ballet’s “Great Russian Nutcracker” each year knowing that my whole family will enjoy it and be reminded of some of the most meaningful parts of Christmas…celebrating the hope for peace and harmony all over the world.”

 Jennifer, annual audience member, devout church member and employee of Moscow Ballet

Customize your event with Jennifer. Call 800.320.1733 x or e-mail