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  31. By clicking "I Agree", as parent(s) and / or legal guardian of the child identified above, I hereby release and grant permission to my son / daughter, and or minor for whom I am the parent or legal guardian, the right to participate in any and all activities including but not limited to rehearsals, auditions, performances, publicity activities, photographic, videotaping (or any other reproduction method known to man now or that may be invented in the future), in connection with RTS95 INC, d/b/a Moscow Ballet's auditions, rehearsals and performances in the Performance Location listed below for the 2015 presentation of the Great Russian Nutcracker. RTS95 INC, d/b/a Moscow Ballet shall have the right to use any such recordings and photographs as listed above for its own promotional and marketing purposes, INCLUDING ONLINE PROMOTION ON THE NUTCRACKER WEBSITE AND THROUGH SOCIAL NETWORKING WEB SITES (such as Facebook and MySpace). I hereby further authorize RTS95 INC, d/b/a Moscow Ballet and those persons designated by MTZA93, INC, Inc. d/ b/a Moscow Ballet to supervise said activities and to exercise such judgment and supervision over my child as they deem necessary while he/she is engaged in auditions, rehearsals, publicity photo(s) and performances. I hereby release and discharge RTS95 INC, d/b/a Moscow Ballet their officers, employees, agents and representatives from all claims which the undersigned has, or may have for any injury, loss or damage which my child may sustain by participating in such activities. I understand my son/daughter must attend all auditions, rehearsals and performances scheduled by RTS95 INC, d/b/a Moscow Ballet during this 2015 season. I have read and understand the audition, rehearsal, photos and performance policies of RTS95 INC, d/b/a Moscow Ballet. I further agree that in all matters requiring parental or guardian consent or permission regarding my child while engaged in said activities, members of the artistic staff of RTS95 INC, d/b/a Moscow Ballet and their local coordinators shall have authority to represent the undersigned.
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