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Moscow Ballet’s Chumakov and Petrachenko to create stunning new “Dove of Peace” in 2012




Dove of Peace performed by Chumakov and Petrachenko


Sergey Chumakov and
Elena Petrachenko

Arabian Variation and Dove of Peace
Great Russian Nutcracker

Soloists Sergey Chumakov and Elena Petrachenko perform the Arabian variation and the Moscow Ballet exclusive Dove of Peace in the renowned Great Russian Nutcracker performances. Acclaimed by the press—"Sergey Chumakov…when partnering Elena Petrachenko…confers an unusual thrill upon the work’s many lifts," Alastair Macaulay, NY Times—Chumakov and Petrachenko first danced with Moscow Ballet in 1994 when the company and the Moscow State Academic Children’s Music Theater, named after Natalia Sats (the world's first professional theater for children and perhaps best known internationally as the birthplace of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf), toured the Great Russian Nutcracker with a troupe of 100. The pair is best known for their almost acrobatic moves which combine the line and beauty of ballet with the showmanship of the circus.

"[Moscow Ballet’s] Arabian pair…were particularly astounding." Charles Downey,

"The most breathtaking by far is the Arabian sequence…as if Cirque du Soleil performers had crept into the timeless ballet." Cheryl Callon,, Dallas

Since 2001, Chumakov and Petrachenko have been principal dancers with the Crown of Russia Ballet, performing leading roles in Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, Pachita, The Nutcracker, and more. They are principal dancers with the Magdeburg Opera and Ballet Theatre in Germany, dancing classical and modern repertoire, and with the Russian Theatre in Berlin. The pair’s earliest work was with the Moscow State Ballet Company at Bolshoi Theatre; as principal dancers with the Classic and Modern Choreography Theatre in Moscow; with Russian Classical Ballet Theatre; the Classical and Modern Choreography Theatre; and the Russian Ballet of the 21st Century. Chumakov and Petrachenko are both graduates of the State Academic Choreography Institute in Perm, Russia, majoring in the Classical Choreography section. They have traveled and worked in countries including the U.S., Canada, Spain, England, Norway, Germany, Argentina, Ireland, Qatar, Malta, Israel, Mexico, and Jordan.


Svetlana Todinova in the French Variation




Svetlana Todinova
Soloist and Audition Director

Svetlana Todinova, Moscow Ballet’s dynamic Audition Director and soloist for over a decade, dances as soloist with Moscow Ballet in all the company’s repertory. Born in Yadrun, Russia just outside of Moscow, Todinova completed formal training under ballet legendary Yuri Grigorovich at the Ufimsky School of Choreography in Ufa, now named the Rudolph Nureyev Russian State Ballet Academyin honor of the legendary dancer who was also a graduate. Upon graduation in 1997, Svetlana was invited to dance with the Ufa Opera and Ballet Theatre in the capital city of the Bashkiria Republic.  She was later invited to join the Krasnodarsk Musical Theater, directed by Yuri Grigorovich who is now famous for his virtuosic productions at the Bolshoi Theater. There she danced all the big works that Grigorovich created including “Legend of Love,” “Spartacus” and more. She recounts that at rehearsals for these productions Grigorovich would watch the complete show without comment and then gave corrections to each dancer as needed one by one on stage and from memory.  In 1999, Svetlana joined Russia's renowned National Academy of Theatrical Arts, aka “GITIS,” founded in 1878 by theater pioneer and founder of the Stanislavsky acting method, K. Stanislavsky. The school was formed specifically as a training ground for choreographers and directors, and to preserve the heritage of Russian classical ballet. There she specialized in pedagogy and repertory for children. 

Known for her high speed jumps, turns and strong accents, Svetlana is known affectionately among her colleagues as "The Baby Swan" for her role in the classic "Swan Lake."  Along with Swan Lake, her repetoire includes Spartacus, Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere, Carmen, Romeo and Juliet, and more. As Moscow Ballet Audition Director, Svetlana visits dozens of American cities in September and November annually, where she auditions and rehearses hundreds of aspiring dancers to perform in Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker.  Following this, Svetlana joins her colleagues for the Great Russian Nutcracker tour.

**The video to the left shows Svetlana performing as Little Red Riding Hood in Moscow Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty.



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